"Be Innovative and Creative in the Restaurant Dining Space", Vineet Wadhwa

With so many restaurant options available to consumers, brands have to find ways to stand out in order to draw in traffic. This makes it critical for owners and operators to pay close attention to the total brand experience. Though food is the star of a restaurant, everything from music to lighting and scent creates the ambiance of a restaurant and can determine whether or not consumers return.

In conversation with Restaurant India, Vineet Wadhwa, Founder, FIO Restaurants shares the elements of making a customer’s dining experience worthwhile.

Make It a Five Star Experience

Indians no longer need a reason to dine out. It is the urge of experimenting with food, exploring new places, and the restaurants too have welcomed this trend with open arms, making every customer’s experience a fulfilling one.

“It is your passion which has to be the underlying driving force but also very important is the understanding of the cuisine, along with the culinary strength and the technology backup”, said Wadhwa, Founder, FIO Restaurants.

An entrepreneur gets easily smitten by the ambience and the plating and it is the easiest thing to do. Wadhwa opined, “Food is not the only primary concern but there are other elements which need attention, to make the overall experience for the customers worthwhile.”

Emerging Dining Trends

On the global front, the culinary space is evolving rapidly and is witnessing the emergence of innovative, out-of-box and creative execution of preparation and presentation of dishes. People have become more aware of different cuisines, and specialties from far flung corners of the world.

Today’s industry has taught people to eat more number of times outside which means each time you step out, you would want to have a different experience. Wadhwa sees casual dining to be a four night dining experience, comfort home food a once week affair, and fine dining happening once a week.

“This is exactly how the industry will move ahead in the near future”, added Wadhwa.

The Future Wheel

The industry is now moving from Tier 1 to Tier II & Tier III cities and it is becoming an interesting era for the entrepreneurs. When asked about the scope of the restaurant industry today, Wadhwa said,” Asian countries have been doing great on the food front, much better than the European countries. Unfortunately India has been holding its guns, and seems very comfortable with its own food.”

India is on the threshold and it is a dire need for the industry to see a better synergy of the north and south and the east and west.

Speaking candidly on the scope of the Restaurant Industry, Wadhwa said,” Indians are great to copy, so it will probably happen faster once it gets the government support. If the economy moves slightly better from what it is today, and with technology taking over the space, it definitely has a great scope in the future.”

The Major Takeaway

Wadhwa spoke about his presence and experience at the Indian Restaurant Congress 2018, where he spoke on “How Experience is Beyond Delivery.” He said,” This platform has always been a great culmination of thoughts coming from professionals and entrepreneurs, who are the driving forces of this industry

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