Building a Speciality Restaurant
Building a Speciality Restaurant

A speciality restaurant aims to deliver the best food and experience to its customer for which it has been quipped.

“Location, the interiors, the manpower and there are much more things that contribute to the success of a speciality restaurant. If you choose a wrong location the chances of succeeding in the food business is very minimal. The real-estate segment in the country is also intimidating. So, if you land at the wrong place whatever marketing you do, whatever quality of food you serve, you will never make it to success. If you cannot map the expectation of your customer, your business is eventually going to fail,” says Mr. Gaurav Ahuja, COO, Red Ginger Hospitality.

On talking about the success of the speciality restaurants in the country he further adds “The first key, not only for a restaurant but also any organisation is the team and the second thing is whether the product being offered is in accordance to the needs of the customer. It matters a lot for the restaurant because food travels from city to city. And if you can map this truly that can lead you to success. Suppose if you have to open your restaurant in different cities as we have opened our restaurant in 10 cities, some amount of mapping, localisation is required according to the scenario of Indian food. You cannot have the same spice and taste of Hyderabad and Lucknowi food.”

Speaking on the same Shriti Chhajed, Owner,, opines “The key to success for a specialty restaurant is the food and crowd at such restaurants. If you open a restaurant and the crowd and the food is not good, then it is not treated as a good place to go by the niche set of people. Hiring celebrity chefs can also contribute to the success of your specialty restaurant.” 

Mr. Anjan Chatterjee, Founder & MD, Speciality Group of Restaurants says “You need to ensure you have corporate governance, transparency and you need to be concentrating on the radar exactly like a captain. You need to be aware, to be conscious, to be alert about monitoring and understanding what is happening.”

According to Mr. Chatterjee for running a speciality restaurant you need to keep three things in mind: quality (to put systems and processes in place with a control mechanism from a central point. The backend of a business is as important as the frontend), supply chain (setting up a centralised and local supply chain logistics primarily for consumables is very important), HR practices (building a dedicated and motivated team. Do not skimp on training, infrastructure and good HR practices).

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