Cocktail Trends to watch out in 2023
Cocktail Trends to watch out in 2023

The alcohol beverage market is continuously developing, as manufacturers and distributors strive to provide specialised goods that address the shifting demands of consumers across all sectors. While industry decision-makers seek to be data-driven, more data is required to identify specific consumer behaviour patterns and predict future trends. Moreover, instead of sticking with the status quo, consumers seek unique drinking experiences. As a result, individuals experiment at home and in renowned and up-and-coming cocktail bars, bringing fresh ingredients and light flavours to the forefront. Furthermore, in the modern-day world, brands want to provide value to their customers. Thus, they keep digging through the available data to see what the alco-bev industry will look like in 2023 and beyond.

Here’s a look at some of the cocktail trends to keep an eye on in 2023-

No & Low ABV Drinks

With customers seeking better alcohol substitutes in the form of no and low abv drinks, the trend toward conscious consumption will only intensify in 2023. As we all know, conscious consumption is becoming the new normal and being widely accepted. Thus, there will no longer be any disappointed sighs when someone says they won’t be drinking. It doesn’t matter if drinkers choose a viable option, a lighter alternative, or an utterly non-alcoholic option, as more and more goods are being developed with mindful drinkers in mind. In addition to it, the quality of no-calorie and low-calorie beverage alternatives has recently increased as more products and flavours are easily accessible to consumers.


You may be familiar with micheladas, a traditional Mexican beverage prepared with beer, lime juice, chamoy, and spices. In contrast to the michelagua, the agua fresca (another Latin beverage made from fresh fruit or grain juice, water, and sugar) foundation is used. It’s hardly surprising that searches for michelagua were popular in 2022, given that this trend follows nearly two years of mocktails and non-alcoholic aperitifs dominating the market. However, in 2023, individuals have created their own extravagant versions that feature everything from full paletas to fresh fruit and coconut savings.

Guilty Pleasure Cocktails

Bartenders will continue to create innovative beverages that combine nostalgia and escapism, whether rediscovered ‘90s hits or comfy desert-inspired cocktails, and they will also include visuals fit for social media. Moreover, a simple guilty pleasure cocktail seems poised for a comeback in the near future, with all the cocktails and martinis around the globe making a comeback. Its familiarity and ease of use make it the ideal bartending equipment.

Revival of Classic RTD Cocktails

A resurgence in interest in traditional RTD cocktails, but with a modern twist, is another trend in the alcohol beverage market that is anticipated to catch on in 2023. RTD businesses are expected to add herbs and botanical tastes to their traditional cocktails recipes in order to give them a fresh spin since these flavours dominate the industry as a whole. Even when it comes to traditional cocktail recipes, the herbal and botanical flavours have opened up a lot of room for creativity.

Final Takeaway!

In the last two years, the alcoholic beverage business has seen tremendous expansion, and this trend will continue throughout 2023. RTDs, no & low abv drinks, michelagua, etc., will continue to be the main drivers of the company, but even these trailblazers will need to adapt and find new ways to appeal to the younger drinkers who are entering the market and seeking low-sugar, eco-friendly alternatives. As a result, more herbal, botanical, and citrus flavour combinations with fresh, light undertones will be offered to consumers. In a nutshell, the trends in the beverage industry for 2023 are encouraging and have opened up opportunities for creativity and innovation that is suitable for everyone involved in the supply chain, including consumers.

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