Creating an Experience that Beats Delivery
Creating an Experience that Beats Delivery

Diners expect more than just great food when they dine out – they crave great experiences. A decade ago people wouldn’t have thought getting served with jamun halwa or jamun mojito at a five star hotel. But these recipes are winning the sector today. The entire circle of food is changing with the age old age recipes that are shaping up the restaurant sector.  Imported ingredients and global flavours have become the passé and people are going back to the roots.

Giving back to the Society

“I was into European cuisine and all imported ingredients but there is a sudden change which has come to my life wherein I have figured out that we have to understand that sustainability is the core,” shares Chef Nishant Choubey, Consultant, Indus Bangkok who believes that if you don’t respect what we have locally, it will vanish. “I work abroad and when I showcased them the kerala Kokum, the market was amazed,” added Choubey who is working on bringing Indian back on plate.

Also, these unique ingredients have lots of health and therapeutic values. Food can be used as a medicine also. So, it’s sustainable, used what is not being used, discovered which is undiscovered and save what is getting depleted. So, it’s about living for the future generation and also its health valuation. “It’s not about luxury to bring in but we chefs need new toy to play around flavours and you can see the different level of energy coming out of chefs,” pointed Ashish Bhasin, Executive Chef, The Leela Gurgaon who remembers that there was a moment when seeing white asparagus, truffle on the menu was weighed heavy. But now people are going back to the basics. It’s purely the flavours that are talking, the way you present the same ingredient.

Commenting on the same, Vineet Wadhwa, Founder, Fio Restaurants shared, “Healthy, fresh and wholesome is going to be the mainstay for sometimes. Eating with elements like anti-biotic free chicken is going to be a big hit. The hydra vegetables are also making a big way into the market.”

The rise of Instragammable Food

There are so many cooking methods on what chefs and restaurants can work on which can give a great twist to a dish. On one hand chefs are talking about the food and its flavor whereas on the other hand the new generations see food through their lens. For them it is the presentation first. And, we see that presentation and packaging is taking over the content.  

“The whole world is driving towards authentic stuff and the things which are dying. Food is just not what you eat. People these days run behind the stories that X dish has. And, that’s where going back to the roots, authentic cuisine or recipe is,” said Om Nayak, Chef and Co-Founder, The Pasta Bowl Company who thinks recipe is something that stays and packaging and presentation makes a lot of sense as it is important part of a dish to sell.

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