Creating Career Paths for LGBTQ Community: This Kolkata Hotel Becomes the First to Take such Step
Creating Career Paths for LGBTQ Community: This Kolkata Hotel Becomes the First to Take such Step

Let’s first dialog about the important features that a good hotelier must have: understanding, endurance, and intellectual suppleness. Each guest is dissimilar and transmits with them a realm that makes them who they are. It’s up to hoteliers to decode the needs of guests, gratifying them and making sure that their stay is remarkable and suitable to their needs. And the same acceptance has to be there for the employees as well for a happy employee equal to happy customers. As far as the LGBTQ community is concerned, the main trial is to always be yourself, even while working. Like everyone else in the world, they must always be themselves too. The want to always give flawless service, as well as highlight the reciprocated reverence among all kinds of guests without fail.


Creating Career Paths


A bequest landmark that has viewed the rising history of India, predominantly of Bengal, The Hyatt Regency Kolkata from its early days is a festival of the iconic legacy of the Raj.  When Jay Pritzker acquired a Los Angeles airport hotel from Dutch businessman, Hyatt von Dehn in 1957, it marked the beginning of the glorious story of what is today one of the most prized hotel chains in the world. Ten years later, Pritzker’s idealistic spirit led to one of the phenomenal moments in the hospitality industry —the introduction of Hyatt Regency portfolio. In 2002, the City of Joy become home to this respected chain of hotels with Hyatt Regency Kolkata.


As always Hyatt’s ‘World of Care’ stage initiates to advance Fairness, Insertion, Assortment, and Accountable Professional Exercises and the Hyatt Regency Kolkata under this canopy lately amalgamated with Pt Ravi Kichlu Foundation to introduce mission ‘Hriday’ in backing of the LGBTQ Community. Compassion for the communities is dominant to Hyatt Regency Kolkata’s effort of caring for people so they can be their finest. “The activities of the previous year have emphasised the standing for associations to grab shared and group issues with thoughtful, clarity, and responsibility. Our ‘World of Care’ excavates Hyatt’s promise to caring for our people, earth, and societies. With this connexion, we will shape on Hyatt’s ‘Change Starts Here’ commitment to accelerate DE&I within with hotel’s staff”, upholds Shobhan Kumar, General Manager, Hyatt Regency Kolkata. Going onward Hyatt Regency Kolkata also purposes to acme DE&I with aptitude training and winning more associates of the community through the unit so that as a corporation they can truthfully replicate the varied communities it attends and contribute to a more impartial world.  In addon, leading management from the hotel will also call the refuge and provide mentorship and coaching to improve their present skills or to teach innovative ones.  As a business, exclusively placed to provide evocative career paths for people with different backgrounds and skill sets, Hyatt will endure to arrange producing vocation pathways for Prospect Youth of the LGBTQ community through its Rise HY program, to help young adults to aid them recognise and reach their full potential. “We strive to come together and make a confident influence in the communities we work with and the milieu we operate in”, adds Shobhan.

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