The Future of Hotel Design: Innovative Concepts and Architectural Trends
The industry yearns for innovation, where each hotel brand is striving to stand out in terms of providing a seamless experience to guests.
Why Sustainability is the Future of Hospitality in India
Sustainability can lead to cost savings for the hospitality industry. Sustainable practices like energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, and…
A Culinary Adventure in the Nature: How This Resort has stood by the Trend
In an interview to Restaurant India its General Manager Akhil Taneja and Executive Chef Arun Kumar talks about some exciting culinary trends to share…
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  • / 8 MIN READ
Creating Career Paths for LGBTQ Community: This Kolkata Hotel Becomes the First to Take such Step
As always Hyatt's 'World of Care' stage initiates to advance Fairness, Insertion, Assortment, and Accountable Professional Exercises…
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5 Trends Modernising the Hotel Industry
The sector has likewise modified itself to technological changes to keep up with modern times and the rest of the industry.
Increasing importance of F&B in driving hotel revenue
Hotels try to maintain their food costs at around 25 percent but additional costs such as labour and heat, light, power (HLP) increases the spend.
5 advantages of digital marketing in hospitality industry
Digital marketing helps improve awareness about a hotel's services, restaurants and other amenities through various online platforms such as…
From culture to cuisine: This new refurbished hotel is a gamut of bespoke experiences
The hotel's all day multi-cuisine restaurant, The Bridge - Bistro Bar, offers a vast selection of modern and regionally inspired delicacies…
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Hotel industry recovers faster than expected post Covid 2.0, ICRA
Most markets reported over 50% occupancy in Jul-21 and Aug-21, the key markets - Jaipur, Goa, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad displayed healthy…
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Upgrading Hospitality industry sanitation to retain during the pandemic
Enterprises in the hospitality sector should work with the best technical service providers to maintain a foolproof digital transformational plan for…
Coronavirus Effect: Why Contemporary Hospitality is the New Trend in the Sector
Hospitality Industry continued to change, which has made it more practical and functional in the world
Covid-19 Lockdown: Hilton Partners with Zomato, Swiggy for food delivery
Hilton's select delivery menu across cities features the top 20 signature dishes from the most popular F&B outlets of Hilton Hotels in those…
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Covid-19 and its Impact on Hotel & Tourism Industry
The growth of this sector was encouraging and this year was expected to be the best in the last few years.
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3 important lessons to learn for food start-ups
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Dharmesh Karmokar (Partner and F&B Director- Lume, Hotel Aureole), talks about his journey in…
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Pricing is done keeping in mind the target customer
In an exclusive chat with Restaurant India, Pravin Malkani, Owner at Hotel T24 Residency speaks about varieties of cuisines he is offering.