Customer Experience Boosts the Revenue
Customer Experience Boosts the Revenue

Kapil is a leading entrepreneur who has had the distinction of being one of the youngest Chartered Accountants in India. He is an avid speaker, and has been globe-trotting to share his experiences at various seminars, conferences & leadership meets. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

How do you monitor experience for your clients?

Today, everything revolves around experience and every customer wants an enhanced experience whenever he/ she walk in to a restaurant. We at Total Solutions Group actually send people to go and evaluate the experience at the restaurant and send that feedback to the owners or management of the restaurant. So, essentially what we have to do is to measure and monitor experiences and present it in a way that management could actually take decisions based on it.

What are the measuring criteria?

We have built a check list which is actually presented by the brand. Also, we go and examine whether the check list measures and equates the experience which the management has built for each customer. For example, we have been able to increase the average bill per customer because we kept sending mystery guest to the restaurant to evaluate it. Now, the staffs are on high alert because they believe every other customer as a mystery guest and then every customer gets an enhanced treatment. So, they would refer those appetizers, dessert and greet them in a much better way which in turn will boost up their revenues. Therefore, it proves as a win-win deal from both the ends.

How do you empower your team for mystery audits?

We have an app called ‘i train’ which is a gamified learning. Every day our staff log in to that app, get content and learn from it. There is also a quiz built in that app and if the employees answer that correctly then they got rewarded. It proved as a great way of training where employees certainly enjoy because we don’t need to pull our staff to do that.

How do you think technology brings customer experience?

Technology definitely boosts experience. For example, we keep a score card named ‘my track’. It gives us the combination of mystery audit score, i train score, ambience score and the social media score. Now all this is actually technology to benefit restaurant business. All that when put together in a dash board helps management to actually go through all the scores. That is where technology proves no less than a boon where it focuses on each aspect i.e., maintaining service, empowering work force and pleasing customer on another level altogether. 

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