Dining during Covid times: Dragonfly launches 'personal dining pods' for more safe dining
Dining during Covid times: Dragonfly launches 'personal dining pods' for more safe dining

Covid-19 pandemic has hit the industry badly where every one of us are forced to change our lifestyle. Known for the best of innovations and his contribution in food and nightlife Industry, Priyank Sukhija has become one of the first restaurant owner to redesign his restaurant to suit the Covid-19 pandemic. Setting terms with New Normal of the Industry during Pandemic, he is all set to unveil the new look of Dragonfly.



“Going with the current scenario, I thought of introducing the concept, which encourages people to dine out with safety at its priority. We thought of introducing private pods for each party group who wants to dine out,” shared Sukhija.

The Pods are open from the top, have acrylic walls allowing the view of the restaurant as well. “The concept is created to make sure that each of the diners at Dragonfly feels safe,” he added.

“We have done the latest innovation of introducing private pods. Each pod has a capacity to host up to 12 guests, enclosed with see-through acrylic walls on all four sides, which lets the patrons be a part of the high energy vibe while ensuring maximum safety while dining. We have always been a frontrunner when it comes to new innovations in the restaurant space," he added.

Priyank Sukhija


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The partitions, the walkways between them and just the area needed to allow the swing of the doors of each pod eats up the floor space of the restaurant but it's worth it if it helps reassure people and keep them safe. This includes throughly sanitising each pod after every seating, and while the servers will be in full protective gear, the more cautious parties can ask them to leave the food and drinks on small serving tables placed outside the door so that no one needs enter their protective bubble. 

The concept was designed and brought to life by Bent Chair, India's leading premium manufacturing home decor & furniture brand; with an emphasis on making sure that patrons can keep the party going while feeling the safety provided by the enclosed environment and reducing the risk of contamination to the lowest.

With these changes, Dragonfly becomes the first restaurant in India, to change its interiors suiting the current scenario along with safety measures in place which includes continuous check of temperatures, sanitization etc.


Priyank, along with First Fiddle’s corporate head chef, Chef Sagar Bajaj, has also curated a menu that comprises almost 80% of exotic signature delicacies that have been designed especially for Dragonfly Experience.

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The menu offers a blend of Asian fusion and European fusion dishes, modified to suit the tastes of Indians without losing the flavors of the authentic cuisines. Not only this, another surprise awaits you as Dragonfly has also introduced some great Immunity booster dishes and Immunity booster cocktails in the menu.


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