5 Food Trends that will rule restaurants post covid
5 Food Trends that will rule restaurants post covid

Covid-19 has changed how Indian’s have been dining for ages. Today, people are looking at more convenient, healthy and safe food. They are also looking at how the food is being packaged, what’s the source, how is it travelling all the way when ordered online looking at the hygiene standards. Here are top five trends that Restaurant India found while talking to the experts and researching during the pandemic that will remain in the food sector post covid.

DIY Cocktail

The rise of DIY kits: DIY kits have also become the new cool nowadays as many restaurants have started this concept where they let people do the assembling, preparing and cooking, using all the fresh ingredients which are provided by them. “It’s simply a substitute to dining out. And a good family activity as the person who cooks takes the price of being the master chef of his home. And then a happy meal equals to happy family,” shared Saurabh Khanijo, Owner, Kylin who has launched his DIY range of sauces during the pandemic.

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Focus on Safety & Hygiene: Food safety and hygiene remain a concern for people these days and it will be a major concern going forward when they will be dining out. This is the most important focus for any establishment currently both for delivery and backend operations at the kitchen. “Everyone who is concerned about Hygiene & safety is our customer. Celebrities, Our Regular guests, Bureaucrats, Corporate Clients, Families everyone is currently ordering through us,” added Vishal Jindal, Co-Founder, Biryani by Kilo.

safe food


Fitness/ Healthy Food is the key: According to recent studies, healthy food categories are picking steam with covid-19 spreading across the globe. People are looking at healthier eating options when dining or ordering food at home.

Demand for good Packing standards: Packaging is the key part of any delivery industry. Food should be packed with flavours intact and spill proof. The client should experience convenient and comfort packaging so that he can consume the food easily without any hassle. “We are trying to adapt the eco friendly packaging but as we know plastic is banned our plastic boxes are more than 50 microns. In a rapidly changing and challenging environment, we want to deliver hygienically approved packaging so that customer feels safe and ensured,” shared Anshu Raj, Founder, Caterspoint. Also the packaging should contain basic information that will let the client know about the brand and the product because packaging is a theatre that creates a story.

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Contactless Dining/ Delivery is the future: There’s no denying that contactless dining will be the future of restaurant business. With the unlock, restaurants are resuming their dine-in service by implementing Contactless dine-in processes, wherein right from accessing the menu via QR codes placed on the table to making payments, the entire process is made digital. With Contactless services in place, restaurants have upgraded their digital assets including the website, m-site and mobile app for a faster, easier and more seamless experience. “Post unlock, more people are moving out of their homes for work and they will need access to safe and hygienic food. Our contactless services ensure Trust, Safety and Hygiene in every bite of the meal. We have been responsive to customer needs in the new normal by offering value deals and innovative contactless experiences across platforms while ensuring that our team members and guests feel safe, valued, and cared for,” pointed Neha, Marketing Director, Pizza Hut India.

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