Global brands focus on innovating their menu
Global brands focus on innovating their menu

As the word innovation has become the new ‘in’ in the food service market. Global burger chains like, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King are playing hard to innovate with their menu.

According the industry as people are no more addicted to the same old taste, these fast food chains are bound to renovate and tweak their menu to make customers coming to them.

Burger chains like Burger King which entered into Indian market last November has almost tweaked the menu according to taste and palate of Indian customers. And this was the first time in the brands history that it has brought changes or played extra with flavours to fit it according to the Indian palate.

And going on the same lines, McDonald’s is globally renovating its menu to bring back its lost customers. Recently the burger chain has launched a burger with ground chicken in Tampa Bay area. 

The new chicken burger is made from a blend of white and dark ground chicken, the Tampa Bay Business Journal reports and can be ordered in two varieties: "classic," with red onions and ranch sauce; and "tangy," with grilled onions and a tangy "signature sauce,".

The sandwiches, which are each under 400 calories, also come with lettuce and tomato on a new "gourmet" potato bun

The burger chain has debuted this burger in all its 202 outlets in the Tampa Bay area.  The sandwich was created in part by Blake Casper, who owns more than 50 McDonald's restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

"The whole chicken burger market is growing; you're seeing it more in restaurants," Casper told the Times. "This isn't a chicken sandwich, but a chicken burger - there's a real difference in its bite."

Casper worked with the Pennsylvania-based McDonald's supplier Keystone Foods to bring the burger to market.

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