How can effective supply chain help in restaurant biz grow?
How can effective supply chain help in restaurant biz grow?

Supply chain management is important for any industry; and for food industry it is most important to run the business successfully.

Supply chain management does not only mean the logistics activities but to understand a customer need and do necessary implementation on that is what it holds. Suppliers are the one who are in relation with products, processes and customer base. So, they have to use their expert knowledge to deliver the maximum level of safety in their operations.

The Challenge

Every restaurant face challenges in supply chain like the operational challenges, pricing, food packaging, and to meet those demand everyday is a difficultly for the owner to meet. So, effective flow of the supply chain processes is what the industry demands today.

According to a latest research, it has been found that many food companies routinely dilute the nutritional content and value of the foods products. Most of these fillers can cause potential allergens, mainly in children.

Simran Jeet Singh, Strategy Analyst, Jux Pux says, “We use every possible means to maintain the temperature of the drinks and sandwiches keeping in mind the healthy and nutritious part doesn’t get deteriorate”.

But the main problem remains the same in the restaurant industry, i.e. it faces dearth of good infrastructure to store the product and a lack of skilled manpower that can reduce the inventory losses while dealing with the supply chain issues.

Inadequate technologies and non-integration of the food value chain are other key factors leading to nearly 30-40 percent food wastage across to supply chain. So, the ordering should be optimised and should also generate automated alerts when an order quantity outside normal limits is entered, avoiding potentially expensive mistakes.

In addition, if the efficient and proper cold chain is not available one cannot import small quantities. As well the premium foods items cannot be imported in container because it is in too much quantity.

“We have to fixe suppliers of all the required raw materials present in the available market so we procure from them in collaboration with the company”, pointed Singh.

Future Growth

Now, there are ranges of applications for adhesives in food packaging covers. From the breakfast cereal boxes and packaging for frozen food through to glossy potato chip packets and foil and film pouches for perishable goods like meat and cheese. On the same note Raj Kumar Bhalla, Founder-Director, Shakuntla Nutratec Pvt. Ltd. says, “It’s our commitment at every step and with every employee. We have ISO 22,000 work in progress”.

To address challenges like slow economy, supply chain professionals have to look at the controlling costs as it is the key area in foodservices. For instance, one-third of sales in a restaurant go toward food purchases, so managing those costs can have a strong impact on a company’s bottom line. Different stakeholders have different priorities and supply chain players have to navigate those waters carefully to balance company’s interests with building consumer trust in their food.

Meanwhile, Akshay Gokalgandhi, CEO-Founder, Indian Eateries speaks, “Indian Eateries provides a unique set of strengths to the restaurants as we come in with an experience from various avenues and field and help these outlets with a 360 approach for their problems. We do research and submit statistical reports & surveys with regards to various elements. We also help the latest trend analysis and get them help to manage user reviews on Social media platforms”. 

Therefore, managing the supply chain issues has become an important for any restaurant and food service industry. Supply chain management has to enhance the quality and safety of the product with the reducing costs at the same time.  That is why today so many restaurants have been fast adopters of efficient supply chain that deliver product with a good value and services to the industry.

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