Making the Menu Sustainable Is the Need Of the Hour
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Chef Vanshika Bhatia, head chef and co-founder, Together at 12th talked about why it is important…
This Brand is The First To Grow Microgreens With Insulation Technology in Mumbai
Farm2Fam has introduced magical greens which reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, alzheimer and heart diseases
This Meat Brand Focuses on Launching Minimum Two New Products Every Quarter
Lisa Suwal, Vice President - Marketing and Sales of Prasuma, tells Restaurant India about the strategies she has implemented in staying ahead in the…
How this supplier is reducing the oil consumption in food
talking about the product, its features, retail presence, expansion plans and his vision Shyamal Panchmatia spoke to
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Belgian Conference Pears is a low calorie fruit: Tarun Arora
Acknowledging about the rich properties of the fruit, celebrity endorsement, retail presence and the future plans Tarun Arora, Director, IG…
Fieldfresh Foods extends maternity leave from 12 weeks to 22 weeks
To provide fair assessment, the rating of the employee for the year will based on the employee's performance and contribution during the period…
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  • / 2 MIN READ
Cremica to launch new range of premium condiments and all-new RTC range of food products at Aahar 2016
Cremica will showcase its products starting with Desi Express in the ready to cook segment which brings the benefit of standardized quality,…
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Adani Wilmar to focus on Staple foods
Finding niche space in health segment with India being diabetes capital in the country, Adani Wilmar has launched Fortune Vivo. At the launch Atul…
iD Fresh Food plans to diversify in South & UAE
iD Fresh Food produces and delivers an array of ready-to-cook, Indian home food to its customers every day. Talking to RI, Musthafa PC, CEO & Co-…
How food suppliers in India are taking the e-commerce route
In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, P. Rajan Mathews, VP, Mother's Recipe shares the brand is all set to hit the online presence.
Glaring supply chain gap in fresh food- iOrderFresh
Launched in December 2014, iOrderFresh is one of the first and fastest growing fresh produce and grocery mobile retail platforms. In an exclusive…
ITC, Taj and Oberoi hotels are our major clients- BMS Enterprise
In a conversation with Restaurant India, Sudhanshu Mathur, Director, BMS Enterprises speaks about his growth prospects and clients in the HORECA…
We have imported from every corner of the world- Satvikk
In an exclusive conversation with Restaurant India, Vikas D Nahar, MD, Satvikk Speciality Foods Pvt. Ltd., talks about the exceptional variety of…
We will be launching exotic products from around the globe- Nutratec
In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India is Raj Kumar Bhalla, Founder-Director, Shakuntla Nutratec Pvt. Ltd.
We launch 3-4 new products every year- Sri Roda Foods
In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Deepak Asrani, MD, Sri Roda Foods, shares information on the supply chain process and how he manages the demands of the big restaurant players.
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Our goal is to bring in global taste to Indian consumers- Tarun Arora
In the spree of launching global fruits in Indian market, IG international has launched Australian Citrus Mandarin in India recently. On the occasion, Tarun Arora, Director, IG International, spoke to Restaurant India.
Chinab Impex to launch wine from Italy and Chile in India- Anil Chandok
In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Anil Chandok, CEO and President, Chenab Impex, shares his thoughts about the need of modernization in the food laws and import challenges.
90 per cent of our fruit is sold to street vendors- Zespri
Restaurant India spoke to Ritesh Bhimani, Market Development Manager, Zespri International Limited, over Kiwi's health benefits and market presence and how the company is planning future moves.
We are not playing for market share- Cargill India
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Siraj Chaudhary, Chairman, Cargill India, talks about his products and offering focusing on high-scale edible oil.
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We grow our own herbs and vegetables- NCL Agro Foods
In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, NC Limbasiya, Food Technologist and Owner, NCL Agro Foods shares how he ventured into the healthy food biz.
We don't see anyone as our competitor;we are at the top - Home Made Bakers
In a short interaction with Restaurant India, Puneet Manchanda, Director, Home Made Bakers, throws in one-liners on his product categories in the market.
Building an efficient relationship with Suppliers
Engaging a supplier is not a task, although bargaining is the real challenge for restaurants. In this case the restaurants need to understand the problems of suppliers.
Getting suppliers locally
Suppliers are essential part for any restaurant as without them running a restaurant is not possible. If the suppliers are not easily available then the main challenge will be to increases the everyday costs and also there will be limited choices.
Specialty food ingredients to reach USD 91.2 Billion by 2020
An uproar for the convenience foods being a key trend, owing mainly to the changing lifestyle and the purchasing power of the consumer, has also fuelled the growth for the Specialty Food Ingredients Market.