Building an efficient relationship with Suppliers
Building an efficient relationship with Suppliers

Suppliers are the most significant contributor in the development of any restaurant. With help of innovation and ingredient, they create new products. Experts say that there is a real need to connect with food suppliers. A strong relationship is important for any business, especially in the restaurant industry.

“Suppliers and supply-chain management are of extreme importance to any establishment, whether new or old.  If both, the suppliers and restaurateur work with the common agenda of giving the patron the best price-performance ration, there is no chance of anything going wrong” shared, Nishek Jain, Owner, 29.

Building a strong relationship

In the current scenario,   relationship between restaurateur and supplier is changing.  Both restaurateurs and suppliers have a common objective to get hold of customers. So, both have to handle the situations smartly with a different approach.  Engaging a supplier is not a task, although bargaining is the real challenge for restaurants. In this case the restaurants need to understand the problems of suppliers.

On this note, Alka Kukreti, Owner of Cafe Marigold stated, “The supplier is the most important part for running a restaurant and without their co-operation no food business can function. And, a Cafe like us where we are totally dependent on the supplier to deliver our provisions on a daily basis on time. For us the quality of the provisions and timely delivery matter the most. Our role is to make sure that all bills are promptly paid. A cordial relationship between the supplier and restaurant owner is of utmost importance, only then will the business run smoothly”.

Way Ahead

Today, when restaurateur’s completely rely on digital India for marketing and communicating ideas to customers. Suppliers help restaurant owners to get traffic, loyalty, manage critical costs like labour and food, increase efficiency and run a profitable business.

For a food to taste good, the ingredients are important. Food is the most critical product to supply in a restaurant. In addition, suppliers are the one who handle operating details like price paid for products, payments, how products will be distributed and even selection of products or service offering. 

“We believe the supplier is one of our core partners and a key stakeholder in the business and we honour this relation as much as we honour any of our other stakeholder relations including community, guests and of course, our human capital”, pointed Prahlad Sukhtankar, Owner of The Black Sheep Bistro.

As a result, it is important to build a rapport with suppliers. It also enhances the overall efficiency and profitability of the business.

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