We launch 3-4 new products every year- Sri Roda Foods
We launch 3-4 new products every year- Sri Roda Foods

Tell us something about your company? How long has your company been in the business?

Our company got established in 1895 as a joint family venture. At that time our company was into import and export of walnuts and morels. We are situated in New Delhi. We have a widespread network of retail business in over eighteen states. We import food from all over the world mainly USA, Mexico, Chile, Europe and Thailand. In 1997 we started importing olives and fruits. We are the first company to bring pasta and olives in India and our first customers were pizza hut and dominos.

What are the payment terms and return policies?

Today, as the competition is increasing, I don’t think payments do matter here. We try to build healthy relations with our clients by providing them the best possible offers and terms.  Sometimes, if payments are delayed, so we have to put interest charges in that case.

How do you decide prices for Indian market?

This remains one of the most difficult and important aspect. We try to provide the most competitive prices in the market. There are several factors on which the prices on goods in Indian market depend. Firstly, we calculate the interest cost on our capital, landing cost, running cost, delivery cost and then our 10% margin which is our right. So it contributes around 40% hike in the prices for Indian market.

Brief us about your products and name some of your clients?

Today we import olives, different varieties of olive oil, pastas, tomatoes, Italian rice, variety of mushrooms from France, different varieties of sauces, coffee syrup, cheese, herbs & spices, Mexican popcorn, Mexican pepper, Spanish pickle, a wide range of Lebanese products, corn and Thai products. We have all major restaurant chains and retail stores as our clients. Also QSR chains like Pizza hut and Dominos are among our clients.

What is the supply chain process? Do you supply the products outside India also?

We have distributors in all areas who supply our products to the end customer. We have a very widespread network. We supply the products to every state and city of India, apart from that we also export to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and also we are getting orders from Pakistan.

Do you have online shopping available?

Yes, we have some of our products available online through Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon. Usually, people don’t buy food products online as there remains a doubt of authentic and fresh product, but we have several other products which are available online to them, authentic and fresh.

Do you provide discounts as per volume, early payment, and cash?

Yes, we do provide discounts to the customers. If the customer orders a particular volume or in bulk with cash payments, usually we provide 2% discount in that case, but it may vary depending upon the order.

Are all the funding from your end or you are looking for any external boost?

We don’t have any particular investors and funding agencies. We have lent money from banks in the form of loan.

What are your branding, marketing and expansion activities?

We launched 3-4 new products every year. We focus on bringing healthy food products to Indian market. We are also planning to launch olive pickle which has lots of health benefits and people can enjoy them with meals.  We have our own media company who do all the marketing and promotions for us. We advertise through banners and hoardings at public places, metro and airport, through social websites and other such activities.

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