We grow our own herbs and vegetables- NCL Agro Foods
We grow our own herbs and vegetables- NCL Agro Foods

What made you come up with natural and herb based food products?

The idea came up in my mind around 17 years ago. People take medicine when they fall ill, but I wanted to cure them through the food they eat daily as healthy food builds healthy body. So, I followed the same idea and open NCL.

What is the per cent age of people preferring healthy food products as healthy food options is a mood oriented affair?

When I started the number of people in this category were very less but now the trend has began and people have become much more health conscious and we can see almost 95 per cent of our total population that consider it as one of the best options.

What are some of the top products at NCL?

Our product are for every age group starting from  six months to 65 years.We have our energy drink called panchamrit which contains no flavor, no color and no preservative and is totally based on natural herbs and is manufactured in Rajkot, Gujrat. It is manufactured through cold process through which its aroma is and health benefits are maintained. Other major products are green tea, soups, health candies etc.

What are the techniques that you have applied to make the best quality fresh products?

We generate colors through vegetables so we don’t use synthetic colors and when it comes to preservatives we use salt and sugar which work as one of the best preservatives for us.

What is the supply chain process at your end?

We supply our goods directly to our clients all over India through our company which has a big network channel and around 12 websites including Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Who are some of your clients? Are you listed with HORECA?

Our clients are mainly all over in India and we have many restaurant chains as our clients. No, we are not listed with HORECA, but we are planning to get our company listed soon.

From where do you source the herbs and vegetables?

We grow our own herbs and vegetables in our farms. I am also a farmer by profession which helps me a lot to grow the best quality herbs and vegetables.

You have group of researchers and scientist at NCL. What is the procedure of research that you guys do?

We generate our own technology and manufacture our products through research and testing keeping in mind the taste and health needs of our customers. Our research is all based on maintaining the right composition and percentage of the ingredients used.

What is the healthy benefit of all the products that you manufacture?

It helps people to stay fit and healthy through the food they eat daily and also helps them to cure diabetes, heart related problems and other such diseases.

In which all cities you are present. What is the expansion plan for next two years?

We are present in all mega and metro cities such as Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, Chandigarh and all such cities of India but we are available in every nook and corner of the country through shopping websites. We plan for betterment every 3 months. In next 2 years we are planning to work a lot on improving our technologies. We are also planning to launch around 70 new products which will benefit a lot to our customers.

What is your view on food law passed by FSSAI? Do you think it is too stringent to be followed? They are still working on the law and we are also expecting some changes but even though we welcome the law and will follow this.  

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