iD Fresh Food plans to diversify in South & UAE
iD Fresh Food plans to diversify in South & UAE

Brief us about your product?

The product range includes idly and dosa batter of one and two kg parotas, which include Malabar and whole wheat parota and whole wheat chapati. All these are made from fresh ingredients and absolutely no chemicals or preservatives for people to enjoy healthy, traditional home-style food, just the way they make it at home.

From where do you source the products?

All ingredients, raw materials that go into making our products are of premium quality. It’s sourced from across the country and from trusted partners who have been with us for long.

What is the major challenge you faced in retailing?

Like other FMCG brands, retailing is very crucial for us. Our products are replenished on an every-day basis to retain the freshness and reach the consumer.

The major challenges we face are in making the product visible amongst the clutter and the actual available physical space at stores and chillers. To maintain our quality, it is very important for us that our products be stored in proper chillers with the right temperature. Another challenge is to ensure that fresh products reach the stores every day. The logistics and the sheer traffic on Indian roads today is one of the biggest challenges we face every day.

What do you do to ensure the quality of food going out to the customer?

iD follows good manufacturing practices and uses state of art equipment’s. All food products are prepared in ultra-hygienic factories. The products are tested by the management before it goes to the market. And as mentioned above, we replenish our stock at the retail store almost every single day.

How do you decide pricing for the Indian market?

Pricing decisions are based on the category we operate in and a balance between internal costs and what customers are willing to pay.

You also supply to restaurants and hotels. Please name some?

Yes, we do cater to restaurants and hotels. There are a large number across the country, which ranges from super premium locations to mass Darshini kind of outlets.

What is the supply chain process at your end?

We have a cohesive and seamless supply chain process. All products are made fresh and sent to the market on the same day. We start our supply in the morning around 4am and see that they reach shelves at stores latest by 12 noon to maintain freshness.

Since the products are highly perishable, our team visit’s each store every day. We work on a zero inventory model, where the products are discarded post the shelf life.

What are your expansion plans?

We are planning to diversify in many cities primarily in south and the UAE. Also, new dishes like idly rava batter, vada batter and value added dairy products would be introduced.

What’s the source of funding? Are you looking for any investment or fund raising any time soon?

Funding is needed for expansion to newer territories, marketing and investment in new plants. We are in the process of evaluating various options that’s available.

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