How Chef can Recreate the Cherish of Cooking Food through Blogs
How Chef can Recreate the Cherish of Cooking Food through Blogs

In this fast paced world where people barely have time to rest, chores are more or less delegated or outsourced to third parties. In metro cities, many people, especially those living away from their home, prefer to have full time cooks or order out. Thus, cooking in itself is no longer a necessity. But, one doesn’t eat food just for nourishment and survival. Food is a gastronomic pleasure which indulges our senses. From this perspective, cooking is an art and science which not only nourishes the body but also the mind. Thus, cooking has slowly evolved into more of a weekend hobby that people prefer to enjoy with their families than a daily chore which must be completed on deadlines.

Good food transcends racial, ethnic, religious and also national boundaries. A delicious plate of chicken tikka masala will earn the same foodgasmic moans from its appreciators in England that it will earn in India. Today, people call themselves the citizens of the globe, and are more open to try different cuisines from different countries. Small videos of foods through various stages of preparation have flooded the internet today. Nothing gets the mouth watering like watching a choco lava cake being prepared. One wants to instantly taste the same delicious chocolate oozing goodness! Not only does this help in boosting more people to take up cooking as a hobby, it provides a psychological impact on people’s food habits.  

As I said, nobody eats food just to fill their stomach anymore. People like to have variety and are not hesitant to look for it among international cuisines. When you go to a restaurant, you see a plate of paneer tikka priced at five times the rate of what you get from a roadside vendor. Do you think it is because there will be a huge difference in taste or preparation? Probably not. But there will be a huge difference in the presentation. Hunger begins in the eyes and signals the brain, that yes that looks good enough to eat! Even at home, a well placed and garnished dinner at the table would garner more praises, and Instagram likes than simply preparing the food and serving it.

There is no dearth of food blogs and food bloggers today. They are an interesting medium to reach out to the masses. If you have a restaurant, imagine how much you would have to spend in advertising, featuring high quality pictures of delectable food to gain people’s attention. But if you engage a local food blogger with a huge following to come to your restaurant once and try out anything on their menu, their reviews with the pictures of immaculately prepared and presented food will flood your place with curious foodies looking to indulge in the same experience. That’s the power of social media and online influencers these days.  Food blogs play a vital role in the foodie communities. They range from being niche to diverse. But they are essential parts of the communities they reflect. A food blog dedicated to just chocolate represents a safe space for chocolate lovers to come together to collaborate and share their recipes, experiences and excitement over their common love for chocolate.

The best part about food blogs is that they are for the people, of the people and by the people. The only agenda they have is to promote the common love for food. Imagine if you are a budding chef who wants to showcase his/her talent but don’t have the money or time to participate in extravagant food contests. How do you publicise your talent? Well, if you have access to the internet and a smartphone, all you have to do is create an account on a social media platform with a catchy name and start posting videos and pictures of the food you cook, with or without recipes. One has the power to decide how they want to showcase their individuality through their blog. Once the blog gains sufficient following, you go from being a novice to an influencer in your own right.

The reason food blogs have gained so much popularity is because they are an interactive medium. The audience is not just passively watching your posts about the food you’ve cooked. They comment their thoughts, suggest their ideas and ask their queries, thus overall actively participate in lively discussions. These days, many food blogs work with a professional routine by regularly posting pictures, videos and detailed recipes of popular food items. They provide step by step instructions with videos and pictures to provide clarity. This makes them a great learning space for people who wish to learn the various nuances of cooking but without the burden of perfection, and with constant guidance from fellow peers. Thus, food blogs facilitate cooking as a hobby and allows exploration of the vast domains of international cuisines, to create and innovate in the culinary space.  

Food blogs allows chefs to reach out to their intended audiences much easily than any other medium, without compromising on their eccentricity. In fact, food blogs allows a person to be a Masterchef in his/her own right! So if you think you have it in you to excel in the kitchen, don’t just delight the taste buds of your friends and families with impromptu dishes. Instagram that picture, add some hashtags and start creating a name for yourself in the foodie world! 

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