How Chefs are Playing with Ingredients, Flavours
How Chefs are Playing with Ingredients, Flavours

Gastronomy is an art to produce and present food in an innovative and unique style which delights the client that top restaurants are ready to deliver with a pleasant tasting experience by offering a variety of options that suit the mood and taste of each guest, from a romantic dinner to a convivial meal with family and friends. Similarly, we look forward to organizing a memorable dinner occasionally at our Vegas (All day Dining) and Emperor (Oriental specialty restaurant) or in the state of grace, in the heart of our lovely pool garden, this possibility is just on prior request.

Introducing Contemporary Fusion

Restaurants today focus on menu based on the guiding principles of natural ingredients, local and sustainable that is helping guests to reconnect with food safe in the knowledge that it’s good for health, and good for the world around. The menu is crafted with few dishes having balance components & light in by combining contemporary interpretations. At Deltin Daman one will be served with a refined delicacy and well-being of fusion-inspired flavors. Contemporary fusion may also mean going a step further and adding new ingredients to give value to the finished product or using healthier methods of cooking – grilling instead of frying or working towards a baked version. The word “contemporary” is also used by some chefs to denote a process called “deconstruction.”

Asian Food is on Menu

Restaurants these days are focusing a lot on the Asian delicacies. Similarly, at Emperor which is an in-house restaurant at Deltin, the chefs revive the traditional Asian Street food. A special menu is crafted by and dishes from different Asian countries are brought under one roof that are presented in a unique way. The restaurant is infusing apple wood, cherry wood, oak wood chips to create smoke which enhances aroma in the dishes. Lemon grass, kafir lime, ginger and star anise are few spices not only have flavors, but also have therapeutic properties too. And, restaurants are using all these ingredients these days to go with the trend.

Molecular Gastronomy is no Fad

Molecular gastronomy is another form of such fusion. Chefs take ingredients, deconstruct, and Indians are fairly exposed to all sorts of “fusion.” Cuisines derived from colonial influences are familiar to our taste buds. You may say it as fusion or twist in the flavors, but chefs play with the ingredients.

I believe that only the food should do the talking. I am not a fan of molecular gastronomy. There was a time when molecular gastronomy was the king, and everybody was looking at it with great awe. I don’t think we need to go there, because I do believe that we allow our food producers to pump enough chemicals into our food. As a chef I don’t bring anything that I feel that is not part of my food. And that certainly is not part of my food.

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