How modern age dining is creating an impact on millennials
How modern age dining is creating an impact on millennials

It’s as if most of us have even forgotten the pre-COVID-19 times when socializing and meeting friends and family was absolutely normal. We used to wait for weekends to make those short trips or just while away the entire evening over cocktails and chats. Those days are gone now and no one knows for how long. The pandemic has definitely put a long pause to our normalcy and all we can do right now is to accept the new normal and change things accordingly. 

The pandemic already has and will continue to bring an irrecoverable loss for the hospitality industry. It has put the whole world under complete lockdowns. Governments were forced to impose strict restrictions for our battle against the virus. Though we are still fighting the virus, the process of unlocking is at the rise and we are all working together in cooperation to get the businesses in line again. 

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Adopting the #Newnormal

The hospitality industry has taken a huge hit due to coronavirus and continues to remain in loss. The virus has made the entire F&B industry suffer as these places had to be shut down. While we are all putting our best efforts to make things as safe and clean for all the customers, it is never going to be the same for a while even with 100x efforts. The industry is and will go through a ginormous transformation and is going to face numerous challenges along the way. The processes are going to change and demand a system that can help the people achieve their goal of social distancing while they enjoy outside. 

Though people are all set to continue with the new normal, it requires a great deal of effort and insistence to get the customers again and make them feel comfortable and safe. The post-corona era is changing the way we looked at things and it is bringing with it a modern way of dining in.

We, now, need advanced technical support to keep people socially distanced while they enjoy their time with their loved ones outside without the fear. The millennial generation thrives on socializing and hence its modernization was necessary. Apps with an AI-enabled Self-checkout system aimed at enabling a contactless and queue less process for the easy functioning of business processes is the need of the hour. These apps are digital and come with a dynamic system that uses a QR mechanism to make the ordering and payment contact-free, feasible, and user-friendly. People are working day in & day out to make these apps the next generation engagement platform for retail & food places where buyers can level up their experiences & business can get better opportunities to sell.

Taking a contactless route

In the last few years, contactless technology has made great progress due to the increasing popularity of smartphones. Contact-Less is now a reality that is about to transform consumers' daily activities such as ordering, paying for purchases in retail. This new technology will immensely become successful post lockdown, due to social distancing, hygiene, infection spread. Such technological integration in the system is moving with a clear approach to convenience. This means that they are not forcing anyone, instead, the aim is to create an organic necessity for the product. 

The millennial generation is highly dependent on their smartphones and technology-driven devices and now the AI-supported dining-in experience will only act as an extension. From where I see, now onwards, the priority of every customer while stepping out from their house would be to lounge at a place that focuses highly on hygiene and minimal contact. While restaurants are working at half capacities to maintain hygiene, with the integration of technology, they can minimize physical contact and prevent the chances of community spread.

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When the customer knows that a certain restaurant is taking care of the minimum touch points and giving the same service then people will want to come and eat. So self-checkout platforms are the need of the hour, especially for the hospitality industry. The plus point of these apps is not just they let you order digitally but also gives you a safe payment passage. This helps in preventing waiting time, queues, and unnecessary contact as well. They are beneficial for customers as well as restaurants that partner with such apps. 

The restaurants that use the apps can get all their orders digitally directly into the kitchens, where the food is prepared. Once the order is served, the payment will directly reach the restaurant's account.

This is not only fast-forwarding the entire process but is working as an attractive element for restaurants to get better footfall. 

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