How Social Media is Predominant for F&B
How Social Media is Predominant for F&B

How did you come up with restaurant business?

We always wanted to serve people and Indian food was always the priority. Authentic Indian cuisine is very less available these days. It’s a need of an hour to bring that authenticity on table. As we are foodie, we always wanted to land up with a good restaurant where people can come and have a good time. Also we don’t want to keep it to a certain age group. So that is what we are doing today.

Tell us something about your journey.

We are childhood friends and always wanted to get into food business. We did a lot of survey about Food Industry before showing up with a restaurant. It was difficult to decide the cuisine but at last we listened to our core which is Indian cuisine and it worked out.

How much you have put into this business?

We have put everything what we could into the business. At last business demands hard work and food business demands hard work plus passion towards food.

What is your menu all about?

We’re specialised in hardcore Indian food. We have Biryani, Kofta, Sheer, Shorba, Curries, Kebabs and more and are especially known for our Biryani, Curries and Kebabs. So we want to expertise in that field itself. Like if someone wants to have Biryani, then Kareem’s should be the first name into that person’s head.

What are your expansion plans?

It’s a Mumbai chain based restaurants and has forty eight outlets. We are expanding Kareem’s in other sectors of Kolkata. As of now, we are planning out; there is nothing official but we have started looking for the locations.

How do you see the customers’ response?

Customer wants everything; be it ambience, service or food. We try to give them all as we have kept the ambience Mughlai and serve authentic Mughlai food. People like it; they find our quality one of the bests. Our Kebabs and Curries are really mouth watering. They often call us for our ambience and food.

How changing market affects F&B?

Changes are happening every day. If you go back five years, the restaurant industry was altogether different. Hospitality Industry is growing very fast, they are moulding according to the taste and preference of the customer. So every now and then, we are experimenting with our menu; we have also introduced a dish keeping in mind the Bengali palate and blended it with Mughlai taste.

How do you keep your patrons coming back to you?

Only good food can do that, if you satiate their palates then they are never leaving you. Also the service plays a predominant role. We give training to our staff how to behave with customers and make sure to hire staff from the background of hospitality industry itself. They understand customers’ taste.

How do you market your brand?

Social Media is best to promote your brand out there and we are promoting our brand through Zomato, dine Out, Facebook, Instagram, et cetra.

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