How this cafe is catching on CSR with a pet cafe
How this cafe is catching on CSR with a pet cafe

The Idea

It all began with my own sufferings as I had dogs and was unable to take them along at restaurants as no cafe and restaurants in Delhi allowed dogs. I didn’t like the Idea of leaving the dogs at home alone, while working outside for 9-10 hours. I always wanted them to be with me 24*7. The whole idea to open Puppychino was that the other dog parents can enjoy some quality time in the company of their dogs and not just stay at home to watch a movie. They have a place to go to together and memories to make.

Overcoming Challenges

I was always very clear about the idea of what I wanted since the very beginning, a simple cafe for the humans and their furry pets. The initial challenge involved convincing my own parents who later helped me with their full support. I rented out a place in Shahpur jat and set on the track that I had planned for. I used my jewellery which was kept for my marriage as an investment to set up this cafe.

Boasting on Design

The cafe has positive vibes to it. We have two separate areas that are made for humans at one side and the dogs at a different side. The cafe is very simple. It has nothing that can be destroyed by dogs. There are dog graffiti on walls. The menu is unique and offers Italian and continental varieties of food not just for humans but for dogs as well. Pizzas and pastas for dogs are made at cafe, are gluten-free, with no maida or whole wheat. There are cakes and muffins available for them too. The food for humans is equally good. We do not put any leashes or cages and there is no restriction to dogs as well. We have adoption camps frequently wherein shelters come in with dogs that can be adopted and people who are interested can come over, meet them and apply for adoption. Rest is taken care by the shelters.

Cashing on response

The cafe gets 30-40 dogs and Celebrates 10 birthdays every week. Average footfall is about 200 people a week and the crowd is mostly concentrated on weekends. During weekdays, college kids that love dogs come over.

Expansion plans

I am right now concentrating on running the cafe smoothly but if an opportunity arrives would be open to expand.

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