How This Restaurant Is Merging 1960's Theme with The 2000's
How This Restaurant Is Merging 1960's Theme with The 2000's

Starting his journey as an intern in a 5 star hotel, Sahani always had a dream of doing something in the F&B industry through which he can cater to people. Having the experience of working with big brands and being a part of their management team, he later realised that it’s almost the perfect time to step into the industry bringing something of his own. Excerpts from the interview:

How the did you come up with the idea of establishing your own venture?

It wasn’t an overnight thing. The idea came sometime after completing a full decade in the industry- sometime between working day and night as a basic job to becoming the HOD. The thought struck that working in the F&B industry is so tough and challenging, yet fun and interesting. Even after doing everything, one still has to follow a set format which is not your designed. You always want to do something beyond what is new along with innovative. But there are restrictions all around you. There are unnecessary discussions with co-workers and colleagues. You know your concept and deliverables well, but you realise that the only way to achieve that is to be your own boss. That’s how the idea struck.

When did you realize that there is something for you in the food industry?

After spending and working for almost fifteen years in the food industry and being a part of the management of big business tycoons, celebrity chefs & fashion designers, I learnt most of the important facts about the F&B industry. I knew this was my thing. I believe that going out for lunch or dinner is something much more than just having food. So if I want to have the best of the best experience, I must first get some leading changes in the industry. I was lucky to have with the top celebrity chef and people from the visionary fashion industry- they taught me to always plan better and serve great food with brilliant decorations.

What are the design elements that popped up in your mind while setting up your venture?

Dum Maro Dum is a place inspired from people who want to be free and enjoy all aspects of their life. So it’s that hippy culture merged well for the youth today with psychedelic design and language. It has the 1960s fonts, the art of the era, Zeenat Aman, retro, colourful, trans, chillum, lota, hippy van, peace symbol, love sign, unity, respect etc. everything that would remind one of the time gone by.

How do you see the trend of F&B industry changing with time?

There has been a drastic revolution in the F&B industry in the recent years- the same basic food was getting served since ages in the same traditional way, but now it is an experience for people to come and explore their F&B. There is an all new way of presentation of the food and drinks with lovely garnishes, a new developed taste, new recipes have taken birth with innovations, experiment with some basic recipes has really won the taste buds of the customers. All these along with the reveal and introduction of a new talent have taken a very high ration in the market.

There are also some special cuisines which have taken birth now- Progressive Indian cuisine, Modern Indian cuisine, Fusion food etc. The F&B market has also taken some interesting steps to fulfil and amaze the customer with customized cutlery, glasses and platter ware matching with their food and drinks.

It is way more than just going out with family/friends and simply filling your stomach. It is an experience today that you will co-relate with the interior design, presentation, food, cuisine and literally everything that the restaurant offers.

Where do you see your venture in the next few years to come and what can be expected more from you?

I am looking at a very positive response for this start up venture and with the flow of time it should only remain shining. That’s why I’ve been very particular about some basics – good constant food, awesome beverages, comfortable furniture & sitting plan, vibrant interiors and innovative music with some passionate artists/musicians which set us apart from the market.

Managing all the above aspects can only make us grow in reality for next many years to come. I’m committed with my work and will make sure that the best is presented always. I will always make sure for some experiment in the elements of F&B that a guest/customer would love to come for and that would make them loyal guests of the restaurant.

What are the expansions plans?

At present my sole concentration is on the current outlet of Dum Maro Dum and I am planning to open its 2nd outlet in New Delhi / NCR only by the end of this year. Perhaps there will be 2 more Dum Maro Dum outlets by the next year in Mumbai & Pune. I would like to run these four Dum Maro Dum outlets successfully for an initial period of three years make it a huge success and then concentrate on a pure veg budget family chain of restaurants in all metro & tier II cities across India. I will open the first outlet in New Delhi and then expand to other cities.

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