How Training Helps Build a Healthy Restaurant Culture
How Training Helps Build a Healthy Restaurant Culture

It is believed that customer is the king to drive sales at a restaurant but we often forget about treating our staff well. It is not just about serving your customer rightly rather it is about serving each other well.

And, as experts believe and often debate about that the top priority at any workplace and for that matter at a restaurant should be its staff and the people. “Our staff is our family and that is ingrained in our company's DNA; it's logical to build the company culture around this philosophy since majority of our days and nights are spent with our team,” shared Bhavya Kohli of the famous Pho King restaurant in Delhi, adding that they share a great personal rapport with each and every member of the team and make sure they connect with each other on a personal level.  “As far as making them happy, well, our team works hard and parties harder. Apart from this, we ensure that daily incentives are given for mini goals set and defined at each and every level of the organization,” added Kohli.


It is sometimes critical that your restaurant staff has to be presentable. No matter how good the food is, how accessible the location is, if your restaurant staff is not approachable and competent, chances are customers are not going to come back. The interaction between your kitchen staff and customers can do more to increase or decrease sales than any ad. Your servers should help create a dining experience that ensures repeat visits from your customers.

“There is no doubt about the fact that every successful restaurant is backed with highly dedicated staff and team. We tell our people that they are not employee indeed they are the family and this is a family business,” pointed Manpreet Singh of the Pinch of Spice who takes care of his staff in all aspects. “All necessary benefits are given to our entire employee and in any condition if we have to go beyond for their job satisfaction, we take steps without giving a second thought,” he added further.

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Also, in order to create a great work culture it is important to impart training to your employees and hire experts to make sure that there are no nuances added to it. The recent incident of a Zomato Delivery Scout eating food while on way to the delivery made several headlines as to what made the person to do this. "As a fast-moving and growth-oriented organization, Zomato has people from various walks of life as a part of its integrated vision. We believe strong mental health plays a significant role in productivity and the overall quality of work-life, across all levels and stakeholders within the organization. We are making an attempt to build an environment that encourages professional help. Regardless of a given employee's position or department, guidance from an accomplished professional,” said Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO, Zomato that has hired Dr Rohit Garg to train its employee and act as an invaluable component in designing a sustainable eco-system for the tech-delivery firm.

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Also, in addition to building a great culture at workplace for the staff, restaurants should must setup a learning and deployment centers.

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