How Wines Are Becoming A Style Statement Product In India
How Wines Are Becoming A Style Statement Product In India

With Indians rapidly switching towards the bottles of reds, whites, and roses, the way country perceives things is rapidly changing. Indians who like alcohol usually choose whiskey as their drink. But slowly, wine is getting more popular in the country. 

India’s first vineyard is named Sula which began operating  15 years back. Sula, set up in Nashik in 1999  is currently India’s largest wine maker. Today out of the 65 wineries in India, 45 are located at the same place. Sula Vineyard recorded a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% for the last 10 years. Grover Vineyard, York Winery, and Four Seasons Wines are other Indian Companies with stakes in the wine industries producing wines over a large quantity.

It’s really eye satisfying in witnessing the increase in number of people who are consuming wine in India. Coming from having a niche market, this segment is now expanding drastically where most of the people are showing their interest towards wine. There are many other people for whom wine has become a fashion statement.

Women Holding The Key For Growth To The Biz

Wine industry in India will be growing rapidly because of the independent women of the recent time. They are holding the key for this particular segment which will eventually result in the growth of this sector. In five years, the scenarios has completely changed where talking about alcohol in the open and seeing a woman having a glass of wine in hand was a taboo. But now it’s wonderful.

Families and friends coming, sitting together and enjoying is the new trend. Young working women will not be having problem in approx 15 cities in India but excluding those, there are problems. But as soon they are going to get their own disposable income, things will change which will make things inevitable where women would be driving the growth of sales and popularity of wines in India.

Wine market in India is growing at 13% annually, faster than that of any alcoholic beverages. The total acreage for the vineyards in Nashik is close to 1.75 lakh acres in the district making the city come out as the wine capital of the country producing about 6,00,000 cases of wines every year. Export of wines grew by 40% in 2014 involving countries like Malaysia, UAE, Bhutan, Germany, UK, Sri Lanka, Maldives and New Zealand as key export markets. The biz is expected to rise by 25-30% till 2018.

The love for wine is apparently a new trend in Indian F&B industry which is growing with time and is expected to reach a new height. In the upcoming time, it is expected that this segment will have a lot to offer to wine lovers. 

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