How Word Of Mouth Marketing Is Working For Many Restaurateurs
How Word Of Mouth Marketing Is Working For Many Restaurateurs

According to Toasts Restaurant Technology Research, 78 per cent of diners said that they try a new place for trying cuisines on their friend’s recommendation.

Word of mouth marketing is something which many restaurateurs are now adopting in sustaining their customers while competing in the food industry. Often referred as WOM or WOMM, this trick is working for the restaurants as the trend is flowing continuously changing the expectations of the customers too.

Restaurants now are trying to provide their customers with experience other than just food to make them talk. It is very similar to making a thing viral from one person to another. Restaurants are cashing heavily on catering unique and different experiences to their diners so that they talk for them from the moment they step outside their outlet.

“I personally believe in word of mouth after the customer satisfaction and experience. I consider them as an element which can take your brand to some other level giving you a taste of success,” says Divij Bajaj,Owner, Headphones Lounge.

Traditionally the marketing strategies revolved around the 4 Ps which were product, price, promotion, and place. But with the changing time and trend, marketing strategies are changing too. Restaurants are looking for various other ways to promote their brands and maintaining their brand image. The trend of interactive approach has hit the industry which many restaurants are welcoming with the changing time.

The 3Es of Word of Mouth Marketing


Making the customer know that their opinion matters is one important thing towards engaging your customers. Initially, the internet was never the first place where people could think of getting engaged. But with technology invading every possible sector in our society, things are no more the same. Social media for restaurants have become one such place where they are cashing in a lot for engaging their customers. It has certainly become an interactive discussion platform for both the restaurants and customers. Interaction with the individual provides a sense of feeling to the customers where they regard your venture more than just another restaurant.


 Making the brand talk worthy amongst the customers should be at the core for a restaurant. It can be any form including unique and good products followed by service, social elevation, facts and many other things. The heart of a restaurant will always be the cuisines served at your restaurant. The best way to generate buzz about your restaurant should be to deliver mouth-watering attention-grabbing food. Restaurants can hold events and offers which in some way can equip customers. People these days are playing with the theme and ambiance of their restaurants which is another way of equipping them. “Word of mouth really is a big help. In my store I also see that people come and eat and later recommend our brand to their friends and families,” shares Sanjoli Agarwal, Owner, The J Café Surat.


Restaurants should provide their customers variant ways to talk and share. It is very important for them to know that their views and opinions matter; Holding regular contest and events where the customers are asked about their opinions and ideas which could be introduced for bettering their dining experience Customers are asked to submit their recommendations so that the restaurants can go through them improving their venture.

Word of mouth marketing is certainly going to play an important role in the future considering the constant change in the dining habit of diners. The 3 Es are expected to increase adding many other factors towards enhancing the experience and brand image.

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