Is home cooked food the new addition in restaurants menu
Is home cooked food the new addition in restaurants menu

Food is something which people relate to their well being. No matter how bad the situation is or how dry the market is food is never going to die. And, as people these days travel a lot and their life style is highly motivated by international trends, they no more wants to eat junk. Today, people are looking for home cooked foods and their similarities at restaurants. And, they want t order these kinds of foods from online players who have started this trend by offering the customers the kind of food they want to eat. And, forced by these cultural preferences restaurants is also taking the same route by introducing simpler food and menu for customers who are always on travel and need home style cooking to suffice their need.

“We have got overwhelming response and our fan following has been increasing by the day. People sometimes get nostalgic about the whole experience. They relate it to the home-cooked foods by their mothers and grandmothers,”shares Yogesh Magar who started Wah Marathi to serve traditional Maharashtrian food. Magar came up with restaurant after experimenting almost 400 dishes, and took four months to filter them.

Everybody knows menu is very important part of the restaurant design. You never know when your customer will say he does not like this particular food or the spices were a bit strong in this particular meal. And as customers today have become more health conscious one needs to have a look at that market as well especially at people who are travelling a lot, who always eat out and are very health conscious because they are travelling all the time and they can’t eat junk all the time. “For customers like them we do something which is very similar to ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’. So, we are evolving, we change the menu according to the need of our guests. We can’t force them to eat what we cook... we are there to listen to their demand and we continue to evolve,” adds Chef Ajit Bangera, Senior Executive Chef- ITC Grand Chola.

Menu for a restaurant is soul of the brand. A good menu can make a restaurant whereas a bad food can break it. Hence, you can say that food is the journey that one takes from his culinary experiences. Commenting on the same, Sharad Sachdeva, CEO- Lite Bite Foods adds, “Menu of Punjab Grill is the soul of the brand. Punjab Grill aims to take you on a culinary journey into the grandeur of undivided Punjab. It is an exploration of the wonderful diversity of the Frontier Food and rich streams of Hindu, Sikh, Pathan and Punjab cuisine; a tradition flown downstream through the immigrants of West Punjab, who have lovingly cherished and preserved it,” adding that From Salmon Tikka to Tandoori Guchchi, from Champ Taajdaar to Raan-E-Sikandari, the restaurant offer a huge spread of some of the best North Indian cuisines that takes you beyond the typical dal makhni and butter chicken.

And, with all happening around food and travel we can say that there are lots more that can be seen and witnesses in the food business. Today, restaurants are no more treated as a place to celebrate or go on a dream dinner date...instead it’s become the next home to be. 

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