8 Key Strategies for Restaurants by Merrill Pereyra, MD, Pizza Hut India
8 Key Strategies for Restaurants by Merrill Pereyra, MD, Pizza Hut India

Restaurant Business in not everyone’s cup of tea, one has to be very passionate about operating and owning a restaurant. According to Pizza Hut India Sub Continent, Managing Director, Merrill Perryra, the importance of the three Cs: Consistency, Convenience, and Connection in the food industry is very important. Addressing to audience at 12th Indian Restaurant Congress, he mentioned that connection with customer is very important. Excerpts from his speech:

Adaptation during the Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic forced rapid adaptation in the food industry. It highlighted the need for innovation and evolution to meet changing consumer demands.

The Significance of Connection: Connection with customers is essential. People seek not only good food but also an emotional connection. Familiar comfort food became even more important during the pandemic.

Adaptation to Digital Platforms: Brands need to adapt to digital platforms to connect with younger generations like Gen Z who have specific preferences for communication (e.g., WhatsApp, Snapchat, Discord).

Values and Authenticity: Authenticity and alignment with values are crucial for connecting with today's youth. It's not just about products and marketing; it's about living up to what the brand claims.

Innovation and Sustainability: Innovation initiatives, such as the use of solar panels and reducing food waste, are important for business strategy, appealing to investors, customers, and employees.

Consistency and Convenience: Consistency in product quality and brand experience is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consistency should be maintained while embracing innovation. Meanwhile, convenience, beyond just delivery, is crucial in today's fast-paced world. It includes affordability, sustainable packaging, and ready-to-eat meal options.

Growth Opportunities: The Indian food industry is poised for double-digit growth, and businesses should invest in new technologies, expand into untapped markets, and tailor their offerings to diverse consumer preferences.

Tailored Communication: Personalized and relatable communication is important, especially in the digital medium. Use pop culture and authenticity to connect with consumers.

These points highlight the importance of adapting to changing consumer needs, maintaining authenticity, and aligning with values in the food industry, especially in the context of the three Cs: Consistency, Convenience, and Connection.

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