Mixology trend to watch out this year
Mixology trend to watch out this year

Creating our own trends:  A more and more variations of old fashioned, manhattans and all forms of classical cocktail are definitely in a fast run… we see a lot more classic tiki cocktails such as the Mai Tai (French Polynesian concepts), where I’ve noticed a bunch of different bars putting them on menus and even adding their own twist to it. This is what we call contemporary. I would not say new trend because this has been in place for quite some time and it’s just a comeback and most likely a Tribute style.

The Ice series – Finch Signature collection and an original concept and trademark of mixology culture, where the focus is on ice infusion giving a modern approached of how G&T move forward. “The more the ice melts the more flavour you get”. Contemporary approached has been applied in most competition, as most bar professional see one another and fallow that trends, while veteran bartenders and mixologist will still push the boundaries depending on once creative style being a person of its own. It’s easy to spot on an individual with a proper knowledge and skill of mixology by peaking on with their station (bar counter) the set up, the organization, the materials and equipment's they use. Not many would be able to understand how a complex drink/presentation can be out of the counter within 5 minutes without living a mess.

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Western - International trends applied in Asia: The 2021 is definitely going to expand small batch of spirits while independent producers house made spirits (exclusivity) are popping up everywhere. With the help of digital platforms it is easy to achieve and learn methods and technique while readily available to be purchased online ingredients. Everyone is supporting local ingredients this is not because of 100 % kin entirely of indigenousness but also with the recurring global pandemic. A premium stage spirits are now reengined emerging with local techniques. The mixology culture of 2021 sees an exponentially overall as compared to recent years. Finch in-house small batch of distilling process (a reengineered spirits, making our own spirits unique with ABV alcohol volume significantly change to our own styles. One trend I am already seeing is more of a switch to premium brands. Drinking at home during the pandemic, many have enjoyed more expensive brands of wine and spirits. People have become accustomed to the taste and will continue to enjoy premium beverages when they dine out now.

Asian trends:  A comeback from western trends in 1990’s Fermenting, maceration, re-engineer spirits is going to play a huge part in the evolution of cocktails. In Asia using fermented spices, fruits in a few different things that add new flavor, texture and appearance such as a fermented ghost pepper-infused agave or honey, and most likely in experimental approached with conceptualize bar and restaurant establishments. Another is shrubs, jams and syrups. This has been an eye of most mixologists, bartender, chefs and beverage professionals that are already in place in the ongoing trends.

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