Molecule to enter Hyderabad
Molecule to enter Hyderabad

When did you planned to open a restaurant?

I ventured into restaurant industry with The Pink Room in Hauz Khas Village. I have always been a foodie, food and drinks are something that excites me as a person. When I opened 5 years back in Hauz Khas Village, our restaurant created stir by setting new food and drink innovations. I decided to continue creating restaurants as it gives me immense satisfaction and happiness to offer restaurant that has best of everything.

What was the idea behind opening Molecule?

The idea behind opening Molecule is to entertain people at the best. We intend to give the most lavish experience to our guests with innovative food, head shaking drinks, chic ambience and flawless service.

What was most challenging part of opening this restaurant?

Staying True to the concept was the most challenging part. It is defined that- Molecules are made up of atoms that are held together by chemical bonds. These bonds form as a result of the sharing or exchange of electrons among atoms. But this Molecule is Different, is exclusive and has it is own language. Based on the Theme of American and German War concept, Molecule is located in Sector 29. Molecule is here to offer its patrons a memorable time with the finest in food, drinks, ambience and decor for a signified dining experience. This modern architecture is inspired by the American and German War concept and is a tribute to finest craftsmanship.

How do you decide on location? What is the average footfall at your restaurant?

Location is the most important factor for any restaurant. We need to be placed in right market that attracts good visibility and footfall so that we run smooth show. Once they enter space, it’s our service and product that keeps bringing them again and again. So, I decide the location keeping in mind the footfall. We get to serve atleast around 200 customers a day.

As you are serving alcohol along with food. How difficult or easy it is for you to go with the legalities?

Yes, we are serving alcohal with the food. It is not difficult to go with the legalities if everything is fait and transparent. We are truthful to our work and deeds, Thus, we as a team face no difficulty.

Who is your regular customer?

People who like to dine and wine in style is our regular customer.

Going forward, what’s your expansion plan in taking this restaurant to other location?

When we opened Molecule, We were sure that we will get acceptance as we were confident about our creation. But this love and acceptance have motivated us so much that ofcourse we have expansion on mind. Next we are taking Molecule to Hyderabad and soon to Other Metros like Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Who do you see as your competitor in the segment?

I don’t see any Competitor. Once you are used to serving the best, I feel you yourself are your best competitor. Making sure you exceed the expectations of customers everytime they visit you is one thing we look at. Hence, we are competing with our own standards we have settled.

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