Nature's Hut to open 250 outlets by 2020
Nature's Hut to open 250 outlets by 2020

What was the idea behind starting Nature’s Hut?

I started Nature’s Hut in 2008. We are making our products from fresh ingredients and we don’t preserve the raw materials. We use chemical free raw materials. We supply the raw materials from Kandi forest area, the unit we have in Himachal belt.

What is the product range?

We have some exclusive products like fruit barfi. The concept is that the traditional sweet has khoya, sugar, ghee and oil and it all have adulteration and we are making sweets without all these ingredients. And, our barfi is made up of fruit pulp, almonds and brown sugar which have a shelf life of four months. Apart from that we have some natural anti-oxidants, unique teas from amla, crushes. We are organic certified. We have apple cidar vinegar, jamun cidar which is different from other cidar because we are making it from fruit juices and not extracts.

What is your market presence?

We are not commercial; instead we are selling products through our retail outlets. We have 25 outlets, 14 in Himachal, 4 in Uttrakhand and 6 in Rajasthan.

Who are your target customers?

We are targeting upper middle class crowd. We are not focusing on masses because our product is a high end product. We give small quantity with high quality. For ex: we make sweet lime pickle and if you taste that pickle you will find that it has many herbs and it solves every digestive problems. So, with people we are selling the finest products and that’s why the rates are not competitive. Our client is happy with the product and the reputation is very good.

Which are the places we can find you?

We are selling at tourist places only. We are not selling at plane areas. We will cover entire India tourist places. By 2020 we will open 250 outlets at these locations.

What is your expansion plan?

We are working on a strategy to cover tourist places first and we will cross 250 stores by the end of 2020 that time we will approach Hyper city, Big Bazaar and more in metro cities to provide us a space to open our brand. The rental is very high at these markets and that way it’s not possible to cover the ROI that we get presently.

We are also working on some good products. Gluten free products and good quality wine.

What is the average footfall at your outlets?

Foodtfall depends on area to area and season to season. This is a tourist season so we are getting around 80-100 footfall at a single outlet daily.

Do you have any franchise outlet? What is the average cost for a franchise outlet?

We are company owned outlets. It costs around Rs 15-20 lakh on an average to own our outlets.

Where is the manufacturing unit located? Which is the top selling product?

We are having two manufacturing unit- Talwara and Patiala. Barfi is the highest selling product. 

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