Partnering for Growth: Saransh Goila Join hands with Roposo to Launch 'Delishaas'
Partnering for Growth: Saransh Goila Join hands with Roposo to Launch 'Delishaas'

From opening the popular restaurant ‘Goila Butter Chicken’ in various cities, writing the food travelogue - India on my Platter, launching metaverse and blockchain to leaving everyone in awe of interesting food videos on social media accounts, Saransh Goila has partnered with India’s leading creator-led live entertainment commerce platform Roposo to launch a co-created cookware brand ‘Delishaas’. With a product line of trendy, quirky, and high-quality cookware essentials, Delishaas celebrates the love of cooking. Millions of consumers will discover Delishaas live on Roposo, and on the Glance Lock Screen platform. “I believe we live in a world where anything that you do has the potential to become a brand, and I am really excited. I never thought Delishaas would turn into a brand, it just started as a quote or a ‘takiya-kalam’ of mine, but people have caught on to it and I think it is a word that people could associate with as it reminds them of food and fun,” shared Goila who is very happy to launch his cookware brand. Excerpts from the interview:

So, like we know, and you just mentioned that Delishaas is your go to word. So, what is Delishaas to you and how do you relate with it?

I am a fun cook; I am somebody who loves to cook in the kitchen, but it is not just about recipes. It is about having fun, sometimes you’ll find me dancing while cooking and listening to great music. Food is a lot more to me – it is about relationships, interacting with my audience, it is about social media where I spend so much time educating people about my recipes and cooking delicious meals at home. I feel that is where Delishaas is born from, it was wordplay of delicious, and that is how it came to life. I thought if I had to give it a life and make it a brand, considering it is all about cooking at home and making cooking at home more fun…a cookware brand is where it fits the best and it is a great start. However, I do believe that Delishaas is not just a cookware brand, it is going to be about the fun, the interaction, and the fact that we are going to enjoy while cooking.

Tell us about your association with Roposo. And why did you choose Roposo to launch Delishaas?

I saw Roposo doing a lot of exciting stuff with other creators, they started KRA with BeYouNick. They worked with celebrities like Rana Daggubati as well as Ekta Kapoor who started their respective brands through Roposo and the Glance Collective that they have formed. All the chefs at one point have the thought if they should have a cookware range of their own and I think it’s like a check box. I have been meddling with this idea for years, but I was looking for a right partner because to create a successful brand you need the right kind of team to work with.

In today’s day and age, somebody who understands digital platforms and live commerce industry is the right partner to look for, which is how I connected with Roposo. The fact that Roposo co-creates differentiated brands and their belief in the identity of a creator, is something I particularly like about them. They have given me an open hand to design this differently, it is not just a cookware range but more like and experience.

The products will be available on our website Delishaas, as well as on Roposo and Glance lock screen. Eventually, it will be available across markets and other platforms.

What are the range of products that you have in the Delishaas cookware?

So, there are currently 5 products in the range – two of them are from the Tri-ply stainless steel category while the other three are Aluminium non-stick pots and pans with the Greblon technology. They are both APEO and PFOA free. We are doing both ranges as we believe that there are two types of customers – some who only like to cook in stainless steel equipment, while there are some delicate dishes like eggs and fish that you need to cook in Greblon. The Greblon range will be available in yellow and blue colours, with an exterior of a classic Indian kadhai.

Any plan catering to the HoReCa segment? Also, to showcase a product that is used in the kitchen, I’d say hotels and restaurants will be the right target, so any plans to extend there?

I think it will be a natural extension, eventually. Currently, we would like to target our immediate consumer through my platform and Roposo. Later, we will target the HoReCa segment as well, because even restaurants and fine dine places are looking for a good cookware range too. However, we are still very new in this segment, and it might take us a couple of months to get there.

How do you plan to differentiate from the other available brands in the market that are being promoted by other top chefs?

Yes, there is a surge of cookware brands in the market, but I do believe there is a lot of scope in this segment, particularly from a design perspective. I do feel like the millennial consumer, people who are in the ages of 18-40 are looking for products that make their kitchen more fun. We want people to have a cooking experience which is easier, mess-free with products that are durable and trustworthy. When you spend Rs.2000 or 2500 on a product, you want it to last long. We want to create a niche and I want the products to stand out. The products and even the packaging will feel very fresh, I feel very confident to say that you’ll not see this design tonality on any other cookware range in India.

What is the price range of the Delishaas products?

The price point for the cookware range is between 2-3k depending on the range that you go for. There are two ranges – first is a tri-ply stainless steel and the second is Greblon aluminium non-stick range. You can choose from either, and the price will also be dependent on the size of pots or pans that you choose. They are all easy to clean, durable, scratch resistant and we’ve made sure that there is not a lot of spillages.

You are setting the culinary footprints in the country with one initiative at a time. How would you describe your journey so far?

It feels like a lot, I am lucky to have this opportunity. I think partnerships and collaborations are a key method to work around opportunities. I have fabulous partners, even for GBC I have the right partners. For Delishaas, I have Roposo which is helping me grow. I feel the more you share and partner with people, the sooner you can bring your ideas to life. I am not hesitant to share my ideas or thought or even my recipes. For instance, my Butter Chicken recipe is out there on the internet.

What is your expansion plan with Goila Butter Chicken?

I think for that we are fairly positioned to grow Pan – India and currently we are at about 25 stores between Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. We are going at a steady pace with about 4-5 stores every month.

A number of co-created brands have been launched by Roposo over the last year through Glance Collective - a joint venture between Roposo’s parent company - Glance, and talent management firm, Collective Artists Network. These brands include ‘EK’ with Ektaa Kapoor in the home, wellness & ethnic-wear category, a limited-edition streetwear brand ‘KRA’ with BeYouNick (aka Nikunj Lotia), and DCRAF with Rana Daggubati in the men’s grooming market. Know what Mansi Jain, Senior VP & GM, Roposo has to share:


Why did Roposo choose Saransh Goila? 


Our co-created original labels and products are carefully curated to reflect the ethos and identity of the celebrity or creator and become an extension of who they are, and Saransh is one of the most popular contemporary chefs, who is followed by many for his fun-loving personality as well as his cooking style. We feel Delishaas resonates with his personality, and we are happy partnering with a talented, popular, and fun-loving person like him who fits with our brand’s philosophy i.e., entertainment-first. 


How is Roposo planning to market the brand and help enhance the distribution? 


Saransh has always had a fun, playful style to his cooking, and his content resonates with consumers because he makes it about the joy in the process of cooking, more than anything else. Delishaas embodies this side of his personality and elevates cooking from something that’s just a functional necessity to an experience by itself. Our products and the brands messaging are consistent with this idea. Everything about Delishaas, from their designs to their pop colours, is curated to transform cookware essentials into a modern, fun and healthy companion in the kitchen. These products will be distributed through Roposo and Glance. Besides this, it will be available on, and on various other marketplaces in the near future. The launch SKUs include 5 products. The Non-stick Aluminum range made from Greblon technology has a Fry Pan, Kadhai and a Dutch Oven and is available in two colours – blue and yellow, while the tri-ply range has a Fry Pan and a Kadhai in stainless steel. 

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