This Start-up Creates Handcrafted Food for its Customers
This Start-up Creates Handcrafted Food for its Customers

Our food industry comprises of various kinds of dishes and with that creates so many challenges too. After exploring the problems that existed in the market and how we can overcome it. Anshu Raj started Caterspoint which is a unique concept that focuses on the product and how they can personalise it for the clients. Caterspoint is all about Handcrafted Food in India. The idea was to create an innovative and guiltfree food that will give a new meaning in the food industry.  Excerpts from the interview:

What was the whole idea?

We noticed that there was everything common that all other players were dealing with and the preparation time was very high. So, we decided to reduce the prep time as much as possible. We started to improvise with the categories giving them new flavours and adding different ingredients to it. This has created a demand to try something different. At home, deliveries are not very convenient when it comes to services. Therefore, we also focus in providing personalised services with surprises like freebies and hand written notes. This will create a special bond between us and the clients.

You have worked with brands like ITC and have also worked with start-ups like FRSH that catered to the young crowd serving fresh salads etc. How are you incorporating all those experiences to cater to your customer?

ITC and Frsh are two very different concepts. My learnings in both the organisations were worth experiencing. Starting with ITC, I had a chance of enhancing my culinary experience. This is a place where you directly come in contact with your clients. You actually get to talk to them in person and give them a fine dining encounter. Whereas talking about FRsh it was a start-up when I joined. I got to learn so much from the founders of the company as both were IIT pass outs.  This was a home delivery concept which wasn’t very popular then. People were very sceptical about ordering food at home without even experiencing the ambience or the hygiene and also the methods used to prepare food. It was very challenging initially, to gain confidence of the clients and this is where I gained so much knowledge about the business, it’s various healthy products, health market, AOV [ Average order value], Market reactions, packaging [ leak proof, bio degradable and eco- friendly], funding and investment and also how to create a positive delivery system and experience among the people.

All these experiences made me build Caterspoint, where I worked up on the drawbacks of the delivery system and other major issues that we can overcome.

What is the model? How does it work?

Our business model is home delivery model. This is basically reached through online delivery apps such as Zomato, Swiggy and UberEATS. Also, we have a website from where people can order. Everything is online based and every order is place online. Very soon the very popular and the one of the largest company Amazon is going to enter the food market with online delivery system. We do have plans to introduce ourselves and connect with Amazon for a long term business.

Who are you targeting as your customer?

We have two segments of Clients that we basically have targeted- Corporate Clients- Companies and start-ups. This includes all kinds of organisations and it has high demand for bulk orders. Individuals- This includes everyone. Age factor- 18-60 years. Such as, health freaks, foodies, bloggers, students, kids, families and many more.

Why there is a sudden demand of gluten free, vegan food in the market?

Gluten free and Vegan food is very popular these days. It is healthy and helps maintain a balanced lifestyle. As we live in an environment where there is so much of pollution and people are in to a lot of contaminated and adulterated food.  Our immunity is decreasing day by day and so we need a good and balanced diet to make it up for it. Gluten free and vegan diet is a way to regain a healthy body and nourished lifestyle. It helps fights diseases like cancer and diabetes and also cardiovascular related.

What is your presence. How does expansion look like?

Currently we are situated in Delhi – Malviya nagar and Dwarka, and in Gurgaon and Sohna Road. Soon we will expand ourselves in Noida. We are also deciding to enter Chandigarh and Bangalore by next year.

What is the average order that you do on a weekly basis?

We do around 3500- 4000 order weekly. We have a target to touch approximately 30000 orders per month by next year.

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