Vegan Food Trend to Hit Restaurants in 2020
Vegan Food Trend to Hit Restaurants in 2020

Food changing with time and people exploring more on the experiential side, vegan food trend 2020 is something new and exciting the industry is going to witness. We can see vegan restaurant will be top culinary pick for 2020. Plant fiber, plant mineral, plant products will be extremely popular and we will see lots of new vegan friendly restaurants opening in India. Besides this there will be below mentioned trend that will rule restaurant kitchens in 2020.

Extensive use of vegetarian meats/soya meats: a meat analogue or a meat alternative for the happy vegetarians will hit restaurant kitchens. This is getting popular amongst vegetarians and come sometime the specific mock meat or vegetarian meat restaurant will start opening in the world. Mock meat chettinad, mock meat curry , mock meat roll are some items that will get added in restaurant menu.

 Oyster and crustacean bar to rock: Since the coastal belt is used extensively to farm the seafood. Live seafood with sauces, ceviche station, Escabeche of seafood, freshly shucked oyster, clams will get popular and there will be no more smelly seafood any more.

Black garlic will be used extensively: take a rice cooker, drop in garlic, and let it cook in warm mode for 15 days ...the garlic turns black and sweet, no more pungent smell. This will be THE INGREDIENT which will create impact in all forms and in all cuisines. Black garlic marinated chicken, black garlic panacotta , black garlic bread , black garlic toasts are new items you can order from top restaurants in 2020.

 Sustainability is the key: There is no denying that local is exotic. Foods that are locally sourced and grown will be a major hit in the restaurant in coming days.

Street food in nouvelle way: With the success of individual or standalone restaurants conceptualizing in Indian cuisine, street food will be transformed into new avatar.

Chef delivered meals: Successful chefs will be hired to create meals which can be delivered at cheaper price in this way lot many guest can try out their signature dishes by paying less.

Vegan Meals: Vegan restaurants are another mega trend in 2020. No dairy food will be popular. Salads, soups, desserts with no dairy will start becoming part of all the menus.

High fiber juice bar: All the juice bars will be churned with the skin to get maximum nutrients. Cucumber, wheat grass, carrot, beetroots, apple are all getting popular in food trends 2020.

Food pop ups: This trend will pick up big time where a pop up will be planned by non professional chefs. The menu will be from their comfort zone and it will be a very informal gathering where well travelled people will get a chance to enjoy the regional delicacy with not so attentive services which is fine sometimes. Eat, drink and just enjoy…THALI FOOD , NORTH EAST are popular food pop concepts.

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