Vegan is no more boring!
Vegan is no more boring!

Everyone wants to eat healthy, but many of us are too busy for the kind of cooking that requires long recipes and even longer cooking times. Sometimes, it may be tough enough just to find the energy (or time) to even boil water. One sure-fire way to ensure that you can enjoy quick, easy and healthful vegan meals is to have a well-stocked plant-based pantry close at hand.

When your body says “healthy home-cooked meal” and your mind says “where’s the take-out menu?” One of the easiest cracks is to have a range of tasty go-to dishes that you can assemble with the things effectively available in your refrigerator. If you do not want your food to look bland, always stock your pantry with sauces, seasonings and condiments that will always uplift your food taste and quality. The mixture of these flavours can help you make lip-smacking vegan dishes.

Many of us have this notion that vegan bakery dishes can never taste good! And it’s very evident when it comes to this respective industry that eggs and butter are the most mainstream ingredients in the following process. Yet there are amazing supplements that can replace these items and give great yield sensational output

Though there’s still a chance that the final result may suffer, since there is less scope for such drastic changes where baking is concerned.  These days however the workarounds are super easy. Thanks to vegan milks, vegan butter, vegan whipped cream, vegan condensed milk etc which will be a perfect substitute and make your cakes, cookies & bread taste delicious.

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As mentioned above, eggs definitely  play a prominent role in baking. Sometimes they are included to add moisture. In these cases, tofu or apple sauce may be a very good substitute. Several times, they bind ingredients and enhance the resilient properties required for a cake to rise rightly. There are a plethora of vegan options available in the market that can easily replace eggs, even on the online platforms. Usually each tablespoon of this product mixed with three tablespoons of water will replace one egg in baked recipes.

So now you know being vegan is definitely not boring! You can have all kinds of food when it comes to being vegan - Gluten free vegan bread, vegan pizzas, vegan casseroles, vegan pie, vegan cupcakes , specially vegan cookies and many more.

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