We are getting around 72 per cent of business from food- Talha Chishti
We are getting around 72 per cent of business from food- Talha Chishti

Tell us about your business in FMCG?

We are 100 per cent exporters poised to give quality. We have over 2000 FMCG products. We are trying to give the same quality in India that we are exporting to the international market. Our focus is on food because people today are more conscious about their health. What they are eating is adulterated or not. So, they know the quality, they know the pricing. We are trying to give value for money products.

What made you enter into the FMCG business?

There are lots of issues arriving in last few years. Some of the MNCs are having problems in quality products and we saw something negative in the quality. So, to cater to the quality we entered into the business. We work on the principle of quality.

What is the supply chain process?

We are basically running on three formats, general distribution- we have launched 100 plus products, for retail stores Marya Day is opening its own retail stores. Meanwhile, we also supply to restaurants and hotels into institutional sale.

How many outlets you are planning?

The first outlet is opening on 5th of June. We are opening three stores in Bareilly, one each in Moradabad and Aligarh. So, we are opening first five on the same date. And, we are already targeting 100 outlets by end of 2016.

What is the contribution of food in your overall business?

We are getting around 72 per cent of business from food only.

What is your focused food category?

We are selling mustard oil- pure kacchi ghani, salt, iodine salt, noodles, snacks, spices amongst others and that will be our focus for this year.

Where is manufacturing unit located?

We have different plants around India- we are having plants at Bareilly wherein we are manufacturing bakery, confectionery, atta, snacks, and spices plant is in Noida. We have two metric tonne of spices production daily, we produce around 6000 litres juices per day, and we have around 150 litres of mustard oil and 300 kg of noodles production daily.

What is your view on FSSAI law?

FSSAI law is very apt. If government has set some standard manufacturers should follow it in order to deliver quality products.

How about your market presence? What is expansion plan going forward?

We are present in 19 states in India. We are exporting to Middle East, Africa, America and other global markets. We are targeting rest part of India, Africa.

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