We are one of the global leaders in Surimi- Gadre Marine
We are one of the global leaders in Surimi- Gadre Marine

Gadre was founded in 1978 by Deepak Gadre, Gadre Marine Export was originally a processing and packaging unit of frozen marine products such as shrimps, squids, cuttlefish and other fin-fish. In 1994 however an unprecedented and bold step was taken, India's first and only Surimi manufacturing plant was set up in Ratnagiri. Gadre Marine since then became the third largest Surimi manufacturer in the world.

In 2004 the company under the leadership of its Managing Director, Arjun Gadre set up a Surimi value added products plant with a wide product line encompassing surimi value added products, marinated ready to cook fish and cut n cleaned raw fish. Gadre challenges the very roots of Indian culture where fish is always served fresh; their authentic frozen seafood touches the very essence of modern Indians looking for a simpler, healthier and tastier alternative.

What is your view on the changing taste of Indian customers’?

Indian consumer has a very unique, so we have to bring something different for the Indian palate which comes with the flavours. I myself is very fond of Indian food and introduced mackgrill in the market. People of today’s generation like seafood food but can’t prepare it at home. So the only way is to go to the restaurants to have it. Therefore I tried to make it easy for the young people as they can prepare with the masala and enjoy at home only.  The idea is to bring out something new for the Indian consumers.

Are you listed with HORECA?

Yes, we are a very active HORECA player. And are products are widely spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka 

What is the amount of suremi produced at Gadre Marine? In how many cities the supply is spread?

We do 34000 tonnes sea food products at present. We are supplying in around 40 cities in India today.

How is the growth look like?

We have seen a 20 per cent increase in no of selling which is double the volume in India. And our turnover is Rs 650cr turnover.

How about entering the restaurants?

We are supplying and try to push in restaurants by making aware about using its simple recipes in breakfast, main dishes and in garnishing. The product is very healthy.

Can you name some of the restaurants who use your products?

Barbeque Nation, Eros in Mumbai, China and all other Japanese restaurant or sea food restaurants have our products.

What is your reach at present?

Presently, we are serving Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Pune, Goa, Cochin, Chennai, Kolkata, Guwati, Hyderabad etc. Our main focus is metro and tier I cities.

What has made a sudden change in demand of sea food?

India has very limited choices of non veg foods; seafood is eaten by coastal plains only. But now there is a demand of seafood because of migration of people from coastal region to other parts. Moreover, people are also becoming health conscious- so moving towards sea food is the latest trend.

What is your share in the segment?

We are less than 10 per cent of the market as it is highly dominated by unorganised players.

How about global expansion?

Exporting to USA, Italy, England, Spain, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Holland, china everywhere

Why Vikas Khanna as brand ambassador?

Vikas is internationally known and acclaimed face in the food industry. And, as we are also an international product association of someone outside and he is also advertising many products on television.

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