We are targeting at cities like Delhi, Bengaluru- Heat2Eat
We are targeting at cities like Delhi, Bengaluru- Heat2Eat

What all did you required in designing your food menu?

Food which we built is first dehydrated and then pack in small packages and then we sell it. You just have to heat the food and it is ready to eat. It is very suitable, easy and quick way to serve and enjoy “Home cooked food” of personal choice.

What are the challenges you face while opening this concept?

The main challenge is the marketing as the concept is very new. We have to explain each and every person how it works as the concept is very new. For example Pau Bhaji, people have to understand that it contains 250 gm of granule and how to dehydrate it and how to use it so that it contains the nutritional values. We also explain how the food retains its same taste and the nutritional values and the processing.

What are the different types of cuisines served you serve?

Basically, there are five categories i.e. snacks, all the Sabjis, Chatni and Papad, Pao Bhaji, Briyani, Dal, Curry. In sweets, we have Sheera, Methi Matar. We also have Rajma and Chole.

How do you prepare the food in 2-8 minutes, contains no preservatives and can also remain packed for up to 5 months?

We are packing in small pouches and dehydrated food makes it easy to carry or courier also. Food is without any preservatives or chemical agents of any kind. Food retains its original taste, aroma, color, appearance and also the nutritional values.

If the food is stored under suggested conditions, it can be stored for few months. It is very convenient, easy and fast way to serve & enjoy “Home cooked food” of personal choice.

What is your marketing approach to survive in this market?

I basically target the students, Jain clients, who travel a lot and wants to have home cooked food and healthy food. My product contains the exact taste like home. Even if someone brings their own home cooked food, we dehydrate that food also and serve them.

Do you see any threat from your competitors?

No, I don’t see any threat. As big brands like MTR and ITC which are big companies, they just make it liquidized product that they have but not dehydrated. My products can be eat every single day and don’t contain any health issue also. They have mass production but our is more customized. And health wise also my product is much better.

What is your expansion plan in next five years?

Probably, all around the Mumbai and after that Pan India. We also looking for some big cities like Delhi, Bangalore where students are very large.

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