What Makes these Chefs so Successful in the Business
What Makes these Chefs so Successful in the Business

While key disruptive trends are impacting the food industry, with how food and cuisine changes are happening in foodservice, well-known Pastry chefs & Gourmet masters have set a benchmark with their style of cooking and thus their businesses are much scalable in the Indian market.

The food and beverage industry is undergoing change not seen in decades. Confluence of megatrends is leading to disruption and innovation that is set to change the industry and consumer choices for a long time to come.  The Food Service sector globally and in India is also adapting to these trends.

These Chefs turned Foodpreneurs have observed the global and Indian industry from a unique vantage point. Read on to know more about their journey:

“The Baking Success”, Pooja Dhingra, Founder, Le15 Patisserie

Her obsession with desserts made her dream turn into reality and as a High-End Pastry Chef, she is the leading the Macaroon business today.

Talking about the evolution, Pooja Dhingra said,” When living in Paris, I became familiar with French pastry & desserts and realized its absence in the Indian market. It was my dream to bring my Paris experience to Mumbai.” That’s exactly what led her trademark Macaron business flourish in the niche Indian market.

When we started 8 years ago, Pooja continued,” There weren’t too many standalone pastry shops. No one did French pastry the way we are doing it today. Our branding, packaging and even our marketing stand out differently in the market.”

I think there is a great evolution where customers have become more open to trying new things. Indeed, an opportunity for Chefs and Restaurateurs to change their product line and be in this exciting place right now.

For us, Pooja added,” Consumer experience is very important. Not only from the product that they eat but also the interiors & exteriors of the store matters much. Also, much attention is paid to how every aspect of the business is consumed.” For any chef, paying attention to these details adds up the value in their business.

With Chefs like Pooja Dhingra, Le 15 Patisserie led this whole revolution and disrupted the Indian Pastry scene.

“Consumers are the King”, Vicky Ratnani, Celebrity Chef & Consultant

Talking about his journey Vicky Ratnani goes back to his cooking days abroad where the voyages were about cooking for large numbers yet for fine dine & large scale meals. It opened doors to new languages, working with 37 different nationalities, cooking a new menu every day gave me a sense of satisfaction to work with different kinds of produce.

“The more you live in India, the more Indian you get”, said Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani and that’s exactly what brought him back in this space and elevate his experiences in the Indian Market.  He continued by saying,” In this interesting journey, you will find yourself adapting your international exposure and sharing it at the same time with local people. Likewise, working with farmers, with the seasons has been an integral part of my life.”

One of the first Chefs in Television, Vicky taught beyond local ingredients and educated the audiences with his unique and simple cooking methods. Vicky exclaims,” It’s been a journey of learning, experience, restauranting and communicating with people on a different bandwidth.

Commenting on the much-awaited disruption he said,” Disruption made the Indian food much more popular in different countries. The depth at which people are getting hyper-local, working with sustainability and clean eating, has gained a wider acceptance in comparison to the past.”

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