Why CSR Is Important For Restaurant Business
Why CSR Is Important For Restaurant Business

Restaurant trends are changing with changing time and customer’s expectation. Initially, restaurant owners were satisfied by just serving delicious and quality food to the customers. But things are no more the same… Restaurateurs now have much more on their plates than preparing and catering good quality food.

The restaurant owners have realized the importance of social responsibility towards doing the right thing for employees, community and even towards Mother Nature. It has certainly become an important aspect for the food business. There are various ways by which restaurants are showing their concern and care for their customers.

Apart from serving good food, restaurants are caring for their customers by respecting charity and contributing to charitable causes following some sustainable practices.  According to a survey held by Fransmart.com, 45 per cent customers prefer to go out to eat at restaurants that are socially responsible.

There had been various occasions in the past where restaurants had held various charities and donations for showing their concern towards the community. The 2005 floods which hit Chennai was one example where we witnessed how a restaurant chain came up and helped people suffering from the disaster. Papa John’s which is a much loved global pizza brand announced their association with an extensive donation towards organizing monitory aid for the victims. They came out with a statement where they said that Papa John’s has always believed in giving back to the society in every possible way.

Corporate social responsibility can be easily described in three words- ethical, altruistic and strategic. It’s all about respecting and valuing without harming the marketplace followed by workplace, community or the environment. Establishing goodwill is essential as it generates customer loyalty. It adds to a positive work atmosphere favoring the restaurant's reputation. “It’s highly essential for conducting your business in a socially responsible way as it is always beneficial for the business. CSR helps in meeting great employees for your restaurant making the customers understand your ideology and working,” shares Bobby, Owner, Cannoli Café, Hyderabad.

A restaurateur is burdened by customer social responsibility. Ethical responsibility is essential to keep the business intact. Paying the workers a fair wage followed by buying the raw materials from the local market comes under the ethical point of view. It generates a sense of relation which helps in running and sustaining the business. Restaurateurs should have an altruistic nature towards the society which always helps in exchanging messages.

Strategic social responsibility is always factored into the financial plan by the amount of money saved during the restaurant business. Coming up with Gluten-free menu item is another step  in providing the community with their dietary needs while creating an additional profit stream for the venture. Recycling the products other than wasting it is another way to create profit. “It’s all about maximizing your profits and creating a sense of care. It is well said that without caring, nobody can sense the emotions of community. Keeping the society and community together is one thing which every restaurant should be familiar with,” explains Ankur, Owner, Virgin Wolf.

Restaurateurs need to create a culture of respect and emotions full of dignity carrying forward ethical standards throughout your restaurant business. It’s mandatory to examine all areas of operations for possible improvements. It is essential to know the exact processing from the time you purchase your product till the time when you dump the wastes.

Thus, in the F&B industry CSR is very important. Everything counts from correctly treating your employees to your customers which shapes the restaurant business. 

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