Why Restaurateurs are Serving Quality Food in a Casual Environment
Why Restaurateurs are Serving Quality Food in a Casual Environment

The modern formal lifestyle and long working hours that the millennial are obligated to, has become the reasons why young crowd prefer to indulge in a casual dining restaurants. Not only this, people these days tend to look for the finest quality of food as they are well aware about the cuisine, ingredients and have travelled around the world.  Millennial are aware of their taste, variants and the whole magnitude of the quality has made headway over the decade. Also, they are very keen to know about produce and the source from where the ingredients are brought.

Elements to Focus on

“The element that one should definitely look at while entering such concept is quality food ingredients which should not be compromised upon,” shares Om Nayak, Chef & Owner, The Pasta Bowl Company by adding that the quality of the presentation and plating of the food should be majorly looked upon.

Also, restaurant owners should keep an eye on the financial investments that they make and should not invest a huge amount of money on procuring things that would not add on to the casual setup but only increase the cost. The cutlery, comfortable seating, vibrant ambience are some of the key elements to look at, along with tactical investment.

Targeting the right Audience

Getting the right customer to your restaurant is most important aspect of the restaurant business. Without a target group you cannot run a restaurant. If you are running a quick service restaurant you need to focus on young and student crowd. Whereas, the target group for casual dining places are millenials who are well travelled and know variety of cuisine. “ The target group for such setups would be the millennial irrespective of the age group or race, who have been the globetrotters and know the cuisine, the setup, the origin and the ingredients. The people living in metro cities, new- gen enlightened with the apprehensive savour habits would be the target groups,” adds Nayak.

Future Trend

“A casual space with fine dining sensibilities is what guests are seeking - fine in quality that suits a discerning palate along with a vibe that is not too serious or intimidating is what one appreciates. It is like having the best of both the worlds,” says Shraddha Bhansali, Owner, Candy & Green.  

Also, while venturing or opening a space relating to such trends one should highly focus on the market positioning as what the millennial would prefer to eat and the pricing of the cuisine to the target clientele. One should definitely avoid unnecessary expenditure on the interiors but at the same time making sure it is comfortable, inviting and warm. Clientele coming in to dine should connect to the concept. If the nature of the concept is balanced well and tactical, such setup will never be a failure.

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