Hyderabad's 'The Pink Elephant' is Taking Customers to a Momentous Culinary Journey
Hyderabad's 'The Pink Elephant' is Taking Customers to a Momentous Culinary Journey

Hyderabad has welcomed a new restaurant The Pink Elephant, a space that is unabashedly-purely-entirely Indian.


The restaurant is divided into the fountain courtyard, the monument room, elephant lounge and the courtyard and also has one of the most luxurious private dining rooms that houses a 20 people table & a private bar.


The basic principle of setting up a restaurant that looks like The Pink Elephant and serves food like it – is to draw attention to the elaborate, variety of food that India puts on its plates, wherever you go, and is an ode to the intricate nuances of Indian cooking. – creates a bespoke experience for every diner.


The Pink Elephant's Executive Chef, Mrigank Singh, has traversed far and wide to curate the most authentic recipes of India, for food patrons. The bold yet simple flavour of the mutton plate from Rajasthan royalty, the silky smooth texture of Lucknow's Kormas and Musallams, and the exquisite flavors of Kashmir's Wazwan are a few highlights of the menu.


The Pink Elephant is a reflection of how India enjoys eating, What, Where and with whom. It's an amalgam of absolute classics and true moderns,” said Mrigank Singh, Chef, The Pink Elephant.


The Pink Elephant boasts of a well-stocked bar, that's classic, serious, current and fun. Whether it's some smooth Japanese Single Malt or Indian distilled Gins, the Bar keeps itself well stocked. Technique led cocktails; local ingredient based non-alcoholic drinks tie up the whole menu beautifully. TPE Rasam - a spirited concoction of Tadka Ghee Washed Tequila, Indian Spices, Tamarind, Jaggery and Curry Leaf is a Signature Cocktail that gives you a sneak peek into what’s brewing behind that imposing bar. Virgin drinks like the Kokum & Berry Spritz, Spicy Peru Margarita are a delight in a glass – pretty to boot. 


The music is ‘everything’ to be precise, there is R&B, Techno, Indie and for sure a bit of bolly thrown in for good measure.

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