Legacy Restaurant Gaylord Reopens with a New Look at Churchgate
Legacy Restaurant Gaylord Reopens with a New Look at Churchgate

Time machines may still be a pipedream, but there’s something that might be good enough to make all your time-travel dreams come true. Gaylord - a name that needs no introduction, is all set to unfold a new chapter in its legendary journey. 

The iconic 67-year-old dining destination is all geared up to embrace the new times and the changing world with a revamped look while retaining its old charm that will draw not only the yesteryear crowd but also today's generation. 

The all-new Gaylord with its new yet cultural and heritage look will also offer an exciting new menu keeping its legacy intact.

Established in 1956 by partners Ghai & Lamba, located in the bustling street of Churchgate, the legacy continued with Sunil Lamba and continues still with the new owners Dhruv & Divij Lamba being the torchbearers of this iconic restaurant. 
‘Gaylord’, a combination of both the partner’s names ‘Ghai’ & ‘Lamba’ has served as a heritage landmark for decades, that stands as a link to Mumbai’s glorious past, is now ready to take you back to the golden years through a nostalgic cuisine and atmosphere. 

The new interiors designed by Headlights Studio, a design firm from Delhi draw its inspiration from the black and white colonial-era infused with rich historical accents. The lavish Parisian outdoor patio, colonial architecture, vintage atmosphere, cosy ambience, delicately carved historical artefacts & statues, beautiful intricate chandeliers, and plush seats will make you want to stay still in the moment. The walls are lined with more than 150+ original B & W photographs sourced from renowned photographers like Madan Mahatta and various others, narrating a story of their own. All these photographs are curated by Delhi based gallery Blueprint 12.

Among these photographers, you might also spot a few familiar faces of prominent personalities like Raj Kapoor, Lata Mangeshkar, Pandit Ravi Shankar and even some rock idols like the Beatles, a testament to Gaylord’s rich legacy and irreplaceable charm. 

“Redesigning the space of this iconic restaurant was like a dream come true. It was a harmonious dance between honouring its rich history and infusing it with a fresh, contemporary flair. Every element is carefully curated, and every detail is meticulously crafted, to create an ambience that not only captivates the senses but also pays homage to the restaurant's enduring legacy while embracing the spirit of modernity,” shared Sidharth Srivastava, Design Principal at Headlights Studio.

The elegant fine-dining space is no stranger to setting new trends, from introducing formal ballroom dancing and live bands in the Jazz age in Mumbai to being the go-to social gathering hotspot for many Bollywood celebrities in the '60s, Gaylord has been an indispensable part of the city’s cultural fabric and keeps this tradition alive still. 

The revamped Gaylord space will host many cultural nights from live grand piano recitals, to live music events and specially curated hi-tea parties, a truly designated space for people of all ages. While enjoying the cosy ambience, patrons can indulge in the newly curated dishes along with their old favourites featuring a variety of cuisines, and new scrumptious delicacies with the same trademark delicious taste.
 “Gaylord's new look & menu is not just a celebration but a tribute to its long-standing legacy of 67 years. We promise to keep pushing boundaries each year and preserve our precious past. Gaylord is committed to standing the test of times, being a haven for generations and forging new ever-lasting memories, synonymous with warmth and love for good food,” added Dhruv & Divij Lamba, owners of Gaylord.

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