Virat Kohli's much-awaited One8 Commune Opens Doors in Bengaluru
Virat Kohli's much-awaited One8 Commune Opens Doors in Bengaluru

Embracing the pulsating spirit of Bengaluru, Virat Kohli's iconic establishment, one8 commune, opens its doors at the heart of the city -Kasturba Road. 

This vibrant casual dining and bar haven isn't just a space—it's an electrifying celebration of Bengaluru's rich communal tapestry, a tribute to its status as a dynamic cultural melting pot. Aptly named 'one8 commune,' this venue beckons you to experience a sense of belonging within a thriving community, mirroring the very essence of the city itself. 

“With the launch of one8 commune in Bangalore, True Palate Hospitality makes its first foray into the vibrant south market. Our goal with one8 commune is to create a space for everyone to unite over good food, drinks and music,” shared Sumit Wahal, Chief Operation Officer, True Palate Hospitality.

Revealed as the eighth and most expansive establishment to date, one8 commune in Bangalore sprawls across an impressive 18,000 sq. ft., making it a landmark culinary destination. Beyond offering delightful lunch and vibrant dinner experiences, one8 commune Bangalore is set to curate distinctive moments with its Sunday Sundowners—an enticing blend of exquisite food, crafted beverages, and soulful music perfectly attuned to the atmosphere.

Spanning the top three floors, including a scenic rooftop with panoramic views of Cubbon Park and Chinnaswamy Stadium, the venue caters to thrill-seekers and those seeking everyday indulgence. This multifaceted space promises to be a haven for diverse tastes, creating memorable experiences for every customer.

Patrons are invited to delve into an unparalleled expedition curated by the culinary genius, Corporate Chef Agnibh Mudi, accompanied by an exclusive selection of crafted cocktails. This marks a revolutionary milestone in the city's dynamic culinary and libation landscape. 

“Each dish is a reflection of my passion and expertise, bringing together the best from across the one8 brand. I've poured my heart into creating a menu that not only caters to Bangalore's diverse palate but also introduces some exclusive delights,” he added. 

Embracing a fusion of tradition and modernity, the interiors of one8 commune Bangalore, skillfully curated by Chetana Vij of I Me Am Designs, embody the essence of the transitional style. Striking a balance between classic charm and contemporary sophistication, the design seamlessly integrates traditional elements with modern flair. 

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