Address API: The Key To E-commerce Success
Address API: The Key To E-commerce Success

Most e-commerce business owners will agree that when it comes to sales, there is no greater horror than the dreaded churn rate on the checkout page. When the number of drop-offs from the checkout page is high, none of the stages that come before it serves any purpose. You could put all your effort into marketing, visibility, and promotions, but at the end of the day, the real action happens on the billing and shipping pages. All the efforts that an e-commerce business owner makes, to get the customer to their checkout page, could go all in vain.

While seeing users dropping off from the billing page can be frustrating, it is still explainable. These drop-offs are the online equivalent of picking up a pair of shoes that you adore and then putting them down sheepishly when you notice the price tag. Your customer leaves your store, leaving behind an abandoned shopping cart. To add to it, the cost incurred by the business owner also gets wasted. 

However, the churn rate seen on shipping pages is a whole other story. At first thought, it doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone drop off from a page where all they need to input is just one simple data point, their address? Everyone has those details and everyone remembers them as well. We could spend hours pondering over this question, pulling up statistics and comparing data to reach a solid conclusion, but the answer, in fact, is far simpler than you’d think - humans are lazy. Yes! Humans hate entering the address details and even as small of a problem as it seems, it’s one of the main reasons why customers leave their carts abandoned. 

We’ve been spoiled by technology for years now, so when faced with a website that expects us to manually type our addresses into rows of neatly fitted boxes, it’s just too much for one person to handle. Most users lose interest at this stage and choose to exit the website instead of proceeding with their shipping details. They then move on to another website, which has those details saved, and proceed to buy the products from them. This means, website owners have not only lost an order, but they have lost a customer. 

This may sound silly, but this increase in churn rates - resulting from the users’ unwillingness to type in their addresses - has turned into a real problem with a considerable impact on sales performance. So what is a business to do about it? Many brands are looking for an answer to this answer. But, where lies the answer?

Simple. The answer lies in Address Autofill APIs.

Address Autofill APIs are addressed auto fillers that make the whole process of online shopping easier for both, the buyer and seller. When you can buy your favorite shoes from any website by just entering a few characters, won’t that be just more convenient? 

Let’s take a look at what investing in API integrations can do for your e-commerce business:-

Reduce Churn Rates by 40 percent - Estimates show that integrating an API into your system can show a decrease in churn rates by 40 percent. This means a higher number of orders placed and more sales. This also increases your connection with the buyers and helps establish your business presence. Consumers won’t only now remember your products, but remember your brand as well.

Boost Conversions from First-Time Visitors - Repeat customers have the option of entering pre-saved delivery addresses, which means that when it comes to churning rates, the maximum drop-offs from the page can be seen in the case of first-time visitors. They are the key demographics that APIs can help you salvage, converting first-time users into repeat customers. This also acts as leverage to brands who don’t want to lose out customers to aggregator websites. These aggregator websites charge a lot of commission which reduces the brand's margins. So, it ends up being more expensive to the brand in total.

Increase the Number of Orders and Enhance Customer Experience - Naturally, lower drop-offs mean higher sales. Through autofill addresses, the probability of the customer going through with the purchase increases proportionately, which means a boost in sales and happy customers. It also makes for a positive, hassle-free user experience for your website. 

Geotagged Locations - The APIs do not merely fill in addresses, they fill in geotagged addresses, which are accurate to a point. These geotagged locations help to easily determine whether the delivery location of the buyer falls within your business’ serviceable range. For smaller businesses, this can help ensure that there are no issues when it comes to deliveries. Geotagged locations also contribute to faster deliveries, which will only add to the website’s credibility.

Get the Exact Latitude and Longitude of the Delivery Address - Manually inputted addresses are subject to error. Factors like incomplete addresses or incorrect pin codes can be a logistical nightmare when it comes to deliveries as the majority of people don’t actually remember their pin code. But with autofill APIs, there’s no room for errors, as the pin code automatically gets fetched which means successful last-mile deliveries with fewer parcel returns. 

Get Verified Name and Mobile Number - Another major problem that e-commerce websites face is incorrect names and mobile numbers. When a customer autofills their address, e-commerce websites will also get the user’s verified name and mobile number. This reduces the chances of error by the customer.

API integration holds a lot of potentials for businesses to expand on. Not only does it help with boosting sales, but it also ensures a seamless, smooth delivery process. While geotagged APIs are common in other countries, India has not quite caught on to the shift in trends yet. 

This will also allow people who are living in rural and remote India to get access to these e-commerce services. Now, as the rural part of the country won’t have to enter their address details, e-commerce players will have a wider field to play in. 

The Address Autofill will definitely improve the image of any brand in the eyes of the consumer. Consumers won’t need to jump to any aggregator website to complete their purchases. These will also increase repeat orders and your website’s name would pop up in the customer’s heads, every time they talk about your products. 

What’s more convenient than not worrying about getting the correct address details of the customer? Address Autofill API will directly fetch the details which are accurate and verified. One API could change the dynamics of an e-commerce business and not only would it give them more orders, but would also give them more customers. 

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