{CTO Special} (SUGAR) Unlocking the Potential of Augmented Reality
{CTO Special} (SUGAR) Unlocking the Potential of Augmented Reality

Gohil stated that technology is indeed an enabler; it provides the means to create and make a difference, which ultimately brings lasting progress and radical transformation. It helps brands with faster order processing and real-time sales visibility, so that they can match consumer demand on time, this is extremely important, especially for a growing brand. Using IT, such as within supply chain management, can help the brands have clear visibility of stock, regularly determine purchasing trends and make accurate forecasts accordingly.

While technology is changing the game in the retail sector, here are the 3 big technologies that Gohil swears by:

Virtual Reality (VR): Tools like virtual try-on help customize experiences, assisting consumers in making the right choice when selecting a product for purchase.

Machine Learning: A subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this technology allows a machine to automatically learn from past data without programming explicitly. 

Advanced WMS:  An advanced WMS (Warehouse Management System) for stock accuracy and productivity enhancement is crucial for a seamless flow of operations.

Staying Relevant in the Current Time

SUGAR Cosmetics is always innovating and working on ways to connect with its customers. And with the growth in the D2C sector, and consumers purchasing beauty products online, virtual ‘try-on’ has become a must-have. Keeping this in mind, the brand works on enhancing CX by using augmented reality (AR) as much as possible.

“With the ever-growing needs of our consumers, we are investing in customer analytics technology, which allows us to segment buyers into groups based on behavior. This further helps us analyze general trends or develop targeted marketing and sales activities. In addition to this, we have also deployed a unique user interface for our brand-owned app that ensures education-led engagement with our consumers meaningfully, creating a strong bond with them,” Gohil explained.

Technologies that can Revolutionize the Indian Retail Sector

In recent years, a lot of new technologies are being introduced in the retail sector in India. However, Gohil opined that there is so much more scope for technology in the sector, a few that should be considered are:

Drones for Delivery: This would solve the problem for consumers living in remote or hard-to-reach locations receiving emergency products. This would also reduce expenses on manpower and time on the delivery process for brands

Automated Robotic Warehousing: With the development and growth of e-commerce, the need for automated, efficient, and intelligent warehouses is on the rise.

Vending Machines for FMCG Goods: A concept that is already available in other countries, this could help brands reach more consumers and spend less on rent and manpower.

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