Alberto Torresi, a bespoke indigenous footwear brand with retail presence across 700 stores pan-India is foraying into brand licensing. The brand launched in India in 2010 and started out with 70 outlets. In 2016 they took the store online to further expand their presence. “We had the intention of expanding into other product categories for a while now and simultaneously intended to focus on our core product – footwear. Our agenda now is to associate with a partner and help each other grow,” said Ishaan Sachdeva, Founder, Alberto Torresi, while talking about the company’s leap into brand licensing.

 “Licensing to me is something which brings different partners together to harness the potential of a product which gives everyone the opportunity to grow. A brand in India takes about 10-15 years to get established as it is a relatively tough market to get into. Breaking into the psyche of Indian customers and leaving a mark is difficult. The market is really comparative in terms of price and product. To own a name everybody knows takes a lot of time, effort and money,” he added.

“When you are expanding your portfolio as an established entity with customers who are already hooked on you and the general market knows about your brand, it becomes easier for people to trust your product and brand. Brand licensing gives you the comfort of not really investing major capital to expand and explore.” Sachdeva elaborated.

Alberto Torresi has appointed Bradford License India as their licensing agents. The two companies will be working together to extend the range of their product portfolio. “The brand is doing really well in the online space and has proven a record growth of 40% YOY. With the kind of PR and Marketing that the brand has done it has already penetrated well in the Indian Affordable Premium segment. We are very excited to launch it in various categories, primary ones being wallets and belts, bags and accessories”, said Shipra Dubey, General Manager, Bradford License India commenting on their association.

Talking about the trends in their core sector, Sachdeva said, “We are exposed to so many trends flowing here and there and numerous which are yet to activate in India. It gives us a lot of scope in terms of product development. We come up with a new range every season. For instance, we are doing sporty pieces for formals. If the takers are more inclined towards a particular range then we dive more into it; if there is a lack of interest we move to a different range. The dynamism of the Indian market helps us in creating fast and feasible fashion.”

Describing an ideal licensee, Sachdeva stated,” Our ideal licensee must have a strong sourcing base and product development expertise. We are looking for someone who we can develop a product in unison with – someone who knows the market plays and has the adaptability of changing with the market. An eye for detail is of the essence to us, product detailing is what we swear by.”

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