Akums Forays Global Gummies Market with New Innovations
Akums Forays Global Gummies Market with New Innovations

Akums Drugs and Pharmaceutical Limited has announced entry into the nutraceutical gummies segment with a series of novel formulations for wellness and common ailments. This initiative seeks to cater to a host of conditions, that comes as a solution for adults, pediatrics, and geriatric population who are looking for an alternative to conventional dosage forms like tablets, capsules, syrup, etc. who no longer find pills/capsules/syrups palatable or convenient.

The gummy products are customized to address the general wellness and nutritional requirements with options ranging from multivitamins for kids, and immunity boosters, to those that support hair health, PMS balance, urinary health, morning sickness, and sleep, among others. There are also gummies that support eye health, and weight loss and those used as anti-hangovers. The products also offer adults MVM and immunity therapies, kids multivitamins and immunity, vitamin D, hair care (Biotin), UTI gummies, gut health, sleep support, and many more.

Sandeep Jain, Jt. MD of Akums said, “The modern lifestyle is hectic and leaves the consumer with less time to focus on health. We are always committed to ensuring that we do not just produce medicines that are effective but also produce them in formats that are easy to consume. That is what we are aiming to achieve through this segment. Imagine being able to go about your daily routine while taking nutraceuticals in the form of gummies. The production of our new gummies formulations is done at our state-of-the-art Maxcure Nutravedics plant, a subsidiary of Akums, with proven expertise in nutraceutical, ayurvedic, and health supplements. This is proof of our customized R&D formula, differentiated technologies, and highest quality with regulatory standards.

Sanjeev Jain, Jt. MD at Akums said, "Our entry into the gummies segment is to show our clients that we're in tune with modern trends and we want to offer nutraceuticals that people love to take because they're tasty, convenient, and effective.

The move is also targeted at children, a demography known as picky eaters. The gummies have been creatively formulated and designed so that children can take their nutrition with ease. The gummies now offer a dosage form compliant with all aspects of modern lifestyle. The formulations are taste-masked, travel-friendly, require no water, present easy nutrition for all, and are a healthy snacking option suitable for kids, adults, and geriatrics.

The global gummies market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.3 percent between 2021 and 2028, with current valuations of the segment at around $3.4 to $8 billion. Akums says its venture in gummies manufacturing is a game-changer with all possible combinations of flavors and textures, such as natural, natural identical, and artificial colors; pectin, gelatin, and sugar-based; low sugar, no added sugar, etc.

Within this year Akums will be expanding its R&D and manufacturing facility to introduce next-gen Gummies that will be the first time in the world thus supporting the differentiated requirements of diverse consumers.

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