Corelle Brands Enters into a Distribution Partnership with Stone Sapphire to Accelerate its Growth Plans

Corelle enters into a distribution partnership with Stone Sapphire to accelerate its growth plans in the Indian cookware market
Corelle Brands Enters into a Distribution Partnership with Stone Sapphire to Accelerate its Growth Plans

Corelle Brands LLC, which is an instant brands company, manufactures and markets kitchenware products worldwide. Devoted to leverage its relation to its target audiences in India with new product launches beyond the dinnerware category, the brand is all set to invest in marketing and distribution resources. With a focus on innovation, the brand has recently been associated with Stone Sapphire Private Limited (SSPL), an eco-friendly stationery brand as its sole distributor in India. 

According to the company’s statement, Corelle India has presently reached up to 1,000 doors across the nation and going forward aims to introduce a range of products by doubling its distribution strength.

“We are excited to partner with Stone Sapphire Private Limited as our sole distributor in India. Their impressive infrastructure not only compliments our values. Through this consolidation, we aim to strengthen our market presence, by bringing freshness and innovation to our product line. SSPL has an exceptional team and digital network Pan-India and we look forward to expanding our reach to consumers with an upgraded customer experience. We are dedicated to this partnership and look forward to a reliable and fruitful long-term association,” Amit Kararia, Consultant - South Asia, representing Corelle India, said. 

Joining forces with SSPL, Corelle India expects to bring freshness to consumers fuelled by streamlining their product availability, further gaining rapid revenue growth in the market. By having SSPL as a consolidator, the brand aims to develop a seamless stock rotation cycle of importing wholesale products. SSPL is a stable Distribution house with a proven track record and a massive warehousing facility. Corelle India is launching about 22 new India-centric patterns with SSPL and regular replenishments would ensure continuity of supplies to our trade partners. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Kitchenware leaders like Corelle India to be their exclusive Pan-India distribution partner. We will make use of our wide reach, tech-enabled platform, and skilled team, to cater to Corelle’s existing and potential customers across the country. We share a similar DNA which we trust will bring synergies between the two companies,” Shobhit Singh, Director, Stone Sapphire Pvt Ltd, said. 

As part of this partnership, Corelle India will take advantage of SSPL’s vast distribution network to offer its range of products across the length and breadth of the country. The consolidation phase with SSPL is a game-changer for the brand in the market in terms of freshness on the shelf, assurance of steady supply to customers, and cash on the economy of scale.


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