JUSTDOGS Launches its New Avatar ‘JUSTDOGS - Unconditionally Yours’
JUSTDOGS Launches its New Avatar ‘JUSTDOGS - Unconditionally Yours’

JUSTDOGS, an omnichannel retailer of pet care products and services, has unveiled a new avatar as a key step towards accelerating the brand's growth in the next phase. 

JUSTDOGS has served the pet parent community for over a decade with the aim of aiding in a longer, happier, and healthier life for pets and making the pet parenting journey smooth and joyous.

‘JUSTDOGS - Unconditionally Yours’, this new positioning has been inspired by pets, as their love for us comes without any conditions or hidden agendas. With this new brand identity, JUSTDOGS aims to position itself as a friend, someone that pet parents can reach out to for anything that helps them be the best pet parent; be it a product, service, or advice. 

The brand is for those who want to change their lives with pets. JUSTDOGS is the go-to confidante that champions this journey of unconditional love from beginning to end. The brand envisions itself to be synonymous with pet care in India and its mission is to create an environment where every person who connects with the brand, will gain a deeper understanding of pets and their importance of them in our lives.

“JUSTDOGS has taken huge leaps and we are on a robust growth trajectory for the coming years as well. With the rapid acceptance and growth of pet care; we envision strengthening the pet parents community’s affinity with the brand and clearly defining the ‘customer centricity and love for pets as the heart of JUSTDOGS.’ The rejuvenation movements have been conducted keeping its ethos intact as JUSTDOGS provides products and services that aid in a longer, happier and healthier life of a pet; and help pet parents in making the parenting journey smooth, convenient and better,” said Ashish Anthony, founder, JUSTDOGS.

“The paradigm shift from 'being pet owners to being pet parents’ has fueled the novel approach for JUSTDOGS. JUSTDOGS aims to inspire pet parents with its authenticity that enables them to adopt and raise pets more easily and provide a better quality of life,” added Poorvi Anthony, co-founder, JUSTDOGS.

Pet adoptions, especially for cats and dogs, recorded a sharp increase as consumers looked to ‘animals for companionship’ throughout the long months of home seclusion that Indian consumers have been subject to since the pandemic. “The new brand mantra is equipped to address this changing relationship between humans and pets where they are more than a parent to their pets, we look at households where a pet is loved and addressed as a sibling, child, niece, and nephew and always an important factor in all family decisions made,” she added.  

Kashyap Sanghani, Head of Marketing, JUSTDOGS, commented, “The heart-shaped ribbon in blue is our key brand element that represents the relationship tied with unconditional love between pets and pet parents. The new brand positioning is a reflection of our loyalty toward pets. Choosing the color blue symbolizes the brand’s serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom, health, and reliability. JUSTDOGS is a torch bearer of pet care in India, it indeed encourages us to bleed blue.” 

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