Lenovo Goes Omnichannel with Lenovo On Demand

Lenovo's e-commerce platform currently reaches 12000 pin codes and has seen a 2x growth in traffic in the last 6 quarters, and has also seen a 6x growth in revenue.
Lenovo Goes Omnichannel with Lenovo On Demand

Lenovo, the global technology leader, announced the launch of India’s first omnichannel platform - Lenovo On Demand. Lenovo India is the first brand in the PC industry to bring this phygital experience for its consumers.

This virtual store is an amalgamation of the two major shopping avenues - Lenovo.com and its 400+ stores across 200 cities in India. Lenovo On Demand can be accessed at store.lenovo.com. Lenovo's e-commerce platform currently reaches 12,000 pin codes and has seen a 2x growth in traffic in the last 6 quarters, and has also seen a 6x growth in revenue.

This platform presents a unified picture of e-commerce and offline retail by integrating the real-life stores' products with digital stores, to create a unique virtual experience for consumers looking for contactless purchases. In this format, Lenovo has Integrated the layout and products from the Lenovo exclusive stores with their e-commerce website - Lenovo.com, and are enabling consumers to purchase via store.lenovo.com.

“Customers today have grown to love shopping online and show comfort in their own digital spaces for most retail experiences. That said, the touch and feel of traditional retail as well as live demos for product services are irreplaceable. This is where the concept of ‘phygital’ enters. We at Lenovo are aiming to provide our customers with an integrated platform as a one-stop-shop. Lenovo On-Demand aims to be a unified platform where retail meets e-commerce,” says Rajesh Thadani, Executive Director-Ecommerce, Lenovo Asia Pacific.

“Customer consumption behavior patterns have changed significantly over the last two years. Research says that 80 percent of consumers prefer browsing online but make the final purchase at a physical store. With the new trends emerging, there are various influences and touchpoints that affect the consumer. There is also a drastic shift in the source of information and consumption for consumers. The pandemic has accelerated the use of online channels for everything from education to shopping! Hence, it is important for brands to adapt to this shift from a multi-channel approach to an omnichannel approach to reach the end-users. With the launch of Lenovo On Demand, we aim to provide the customers with a virtual experience that is fast, real-time, and time-saving,” Dinesh Nair, Head of Consumer Business, Lenovo India states.

The Lenovo On Demand platform offers a hyperlocal experience to consumers where they are shown inventory of the nearest store they select, enabling them to reach out to the store via an intuitive web solution. This digital store is open 24*7 and customers can get the product of their choice delivered at their doorstep within 24 hours or schedule a pickup at their convenience.

This platform also facilitates the future readiness for small retail/partners as they continue to compete and grow in the phygital world. The physical stores also stand to benefit as they get e-commerce capability and access to traffic on Lenovo.com. Lenovo has also invested in extensive training on the Lenovo On  Demand (LOD) system through a dedicated training team & multiple workshops with partners & their staff. The new Retail POS system being implemented as a part of this program will enable real-time inventory upload thus making it easier for partners to manage their online stores.

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